You Can Be Afraid to Jump & Still Blow Your Own Mind

I was thinking about this lately.

How many times in life we come up to that moment of wanting something new and realizing we have to take some action... but feeling so unsure of how to do it and if we are even qualified to do it. 

When I was a teenager I remember NEEDING to earn a downpayment for my car which equated to 50% of what I was buying it for and knowing that even though I had never earned that much money in one fell swoop... I had to figure it out. There was no other option honestly. 

At the time I had one talent that actually paid me based on my talent and not just how many hours I worked... I was also 16 so people were not super inclined to pay me a lot of money for my time. 

So I took my 1 talent and decided I was going to turn that talent into the money I needed, come hell or high water... I mean I had NO other option!

Know what that talent was? 

You probably would never guess this unless I told you, but it was Rug Hooking! A random craft I had...

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Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

What do your Spirit Guides look like? Feel like?

Talking to Your Spirit Guides can be super simple!

They are always with you and ready to support you but you have to Ask! While they are here to help you in your life they also respect your right to make your own decisions and will never impose on you.

But, once you ask for their help & to receive messages or signs from them, they will deliver. Spirit Guides can also come in many forms. Some show up as Angels, Ancestors, Light Beings or Beings who have mastery or wisdom that is helpful to your own journey.

In this video I'm sharing a simple way to begin connecting with them and to get a "feel" for who they are. Once you have an idea of who they are, it typically becomes much easier to practice connecting but it is a muscle you have to strengthen!

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Empaths: Are you Exhausted from Caring?



The longer we travel into all of this change and having to make accommodations in our daily life, the less understanding and compassion we have for things that don't line up the way we want. The easier it is to simply  STOP CARING because you are so tired from always feeling other people's emotions.

As an Empath, it can feel like being fed up with everyone's feelings and opinion... you may have even thought,  "can everyone JUST SHUT UP? "

As a society we can be pretty good at rushing in when things fall apart to try and mend, or carry the load for others, but all of that helping can leave us individually exhausted and feeling unable to handle our own feelings. The need to HELP can cause us to get in this space where our compassion is DOA.

I've been seeing in sessions and even felt it myself when I'm out in the world. It's exhausting when you just want to do something you normally would and you can't and people are having such big...

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Learning How to Use Your Intuition

If you've been hanging around for a bit, you know we love talking about Intuition. It's one of the quickest ways to get clarity and direction about things going on in your life but learning how to use it can be a bit confusing when you first get started.

I'm here to help!

Sometimes it can seem like only "special" people have Intuitive Gifts or can do cool things like talk to spirit guides, spirit or "see" what is going to happen in the future. The truth is, we all have these abilities and sometimes it really is easier for others to use one or the other but you, yourself, you also have access to them, no matter how blocked they may feel right now.

No one is more special when it comes to the intuitive gift department.

Intuition is simply our willingness to KNOW what is true about ourselves and the world. It sounds easy enough but truth be told, we have so many beliefs and barriers in the way of seeing ourselves for who we truly are.

Growing your intuition is simply a matter...

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Your Soul Star Chakra & the Soul's Blueprint

Each of us has a divinely orchestrated path.

A path that we laid out while still in Spirit in our Soul's Blueprint.


Your Soul Star Chakra is this incredible  gem in your energy field. It is your own personal connection between your Higher Self & the Cosmos. It is also where your Soul's Blueprint is held along with all of the experiences and lessons your Soul has incarnated here to have and has done in past lives. This is where you Soul Purpose lives. That calling you are here to experience in this lifetime. 

Think of the Soul Star as the part of yourself that exists outside of this human experience. The part of you that has a broader view of your life and is watching over you with love and compassion. It is able to give you guidance and support in your life. 

As you move throughout lifetimes, it holds a record of the lessons you've mastered and the ones that you need to work on a bit more. When we talk about Past Lives, this is the chakra you use...

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Remembering Your Past Lives in Golden Ages

It's such an interesting & wild time to be alive right now. Sometimes you can look out at the world and think "how on earth are there so many people living such a different life than me?" And other times, you see the incredible things people are doing in their lives and recognize how much healing and growth there truly is in the world. 

Lately, my guides have been bringing up this conversation about how we are on the edge of creating another "Golden Age," if we choose. A period of time where we can each live a life that feels good and authentic to us. It's also a period of time where we allow others to be themselves and because of this, people choose to live the best version of themselves and we all benefit. Because, when people aren't held back by expectations and needs of others,  they choose to create beautiful things in the world and we all benefit from that. 


If you are new to the idea of a Golden Age, these are periods of time in human history where...

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Are You Afraid to Have More Money in Your Life?

Are you feeling super frustrated because you've tried and tried to manifest more money in your life but can't seem to make it happen?

Or, maybe you know you aren't earning enough but don't feel like you deserve more...even though you really want more?

Each of has a particular amount of Money that we are actually comfortable having. A kind of ceiling that we place on how much money feels safe, attainable and that we feel worthy of.... it's called our Upper Limit. 

This Upper Limit is formed by your family beliefs, your childhood, your community and of course your limiting beliefs. So as you go about trying to manifest more Money into your life, this limit comes into play. There may be times when you shoot above this limit but inevitably something will always bring you back down into this safety zone that your subconscious has created. 

For example, have you earned or had a big chunk of money come into your life that was more than you normally have and all of the sudden you...

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What is Your Abundance Archetype?



Have you ever thought about what Archetype might be influencing your Abundance Vibration?

Archetypes are these incredible patterns held in our collective consciousness that help us understand ourselves a bit better. They give us a range... the Shadow shows us where our vibration is Low or being held up by unlearned lessons and the Light Side shows us how we can reach our Highest Vibration and Manifest more easily!

It's a beautiful way to understand the roles your Soul is exploring and how you can focus in order to raise your vibration & attract Abundance.

There are 6 Major Archetypes that can impact you, the Queen, Martyr, Romantic, Creative/Artist, Fool & Magician. Which one are you?

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Moving from Stress & Anxiety to Expansion


If you've been feeling Stressed or Anxious lately it could be because your Nervous System is overwhelmed. When you are holding onto the stress and overwhelm in your Nervous System it can be hard to calm down enough to rest & move forward in your life. In this video I share how things "add up" in the Nervous System and why it's so important to release them in order to move forward in your life.

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