The 4 Childhood Wounds of the Empaths

As an empath, we are naturally more sensitive to our own feelings & what's happening around us. It doesn't mean we are weak or overly sensitive but as kids, we naturally just feel things more deeply and read into the experiences we have & what other people are doing, more intensely.

Sometimes we get it right and we sense the things not spoken. 

And sometimes we get it wrong because after all, we were kids. 

But nonetheless, when we as empaths go through traumatic, stressful or painful experiences, the impact can weigh differently on us because we are so emotionally tuned into our experiences. Because we are so tuned in, we can also carry the weight of our Childhood Wounds in different ways, creating coping mechanisms, beliefs about the world & holding onto the emotional pain because we can't seem to understand WHY they happened. 

So, I want to share with you the 4 major Childhood Wounds and how they specifically can impact you as an empath and what you...

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Being Vulnerable & Protected: How to Live Authentically & Not Be Afraid of Getting Hurt


It can be really hard to show up in the world in a vulnerable way...

& not be afraid that you are going to get hurt & that others won't let you down.


For most of us, this happens because we have some past experiences with being hurt or judged when we did show others a part of our truest selves. So little by little we learn to guard it and keep it tucked away where it will be safe but eventually we notice that it also keeps us from having the rich moments we long for or the connection we really want.


So the question is "how do we live unguarded and vulnerable, but feel safe at the same time?"

In this video I'm sharing what I've seen in working with my clients and my own life. It's not rocket science to show up this way but it does take faith and a whole lot of trust. It's a practice. It takes time to re-learn how to be safe showing up authentically.


I would love to know... where are you wanting to let your own guards down and show up more...

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Moving from Stress & Anxiety to Expansion


If you've been feeling Stressed or Anxious lately it could be because your Nervous System is overwhelmed. When you are holding onto the stress and overwhelm in your Nervous System it can be hard to calm down enough to rest & move forward in your life. In this video I share how things "add up" in the Nervous System and why it's so important to release them in order to move forward in your life.

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Types of Trapped Emotions: Ancestral, Absorbed, Trauma, In Utero

Did you know that there are multiple ways you can take on and hold Emotional Energies?

As Empaths & Intuitives it can be really easy to confuse the source of the emotions we are holding onto because we are so sensitive to what other people are feeling.

In this video I share the 4 (ok, really 5!) ways we experience Emotional Energies.

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What Is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an incredible tool for helping you identify the Emotional Baggage or Trauma that is keeping you from stepping into the life you want to live. It's an Energy Healing Modality that allows us to muscle test for the Emotional Experiences that are holding you back, causing you pain or keeping traumatic experiences trapped in the body.
The Basics
As we go throughout life we have experiences that don't always go as planned. These experiences might be ones that are out of our control, unsafe, painful or even confusing. For most of us, when this happens (especially when we are young) we don't know how to deal with them. Sometimes it's because it's unsafe to have any feelings at all in the moment, we may not have the tools to deal with it or we may stuff it way down because we are too afraid to feel it. 
When this happens, those emotions don't go anywhere. They get stored in our energy and our bodies, stacking up...
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