What Is the Emotion Code?

Oct 02, 2020
The Emotion Code is an incredible tool for helping you identify the Emotional Baggage or Trauma that is keeping you from stepping into the life you want to live. It's an Energy Healing Modality that allows us to muscle test for the Emotional Experiences that are holding you back, causing you pain or keeping traumatic experiences trapped in the body.
The Basics
As we go throughout life we have experiences that don't always go as planned. These experiences might be ones that are out of our control, unsafe, painful or even confusing. For most of us, when this happens (especially when we are young) we don't know how to deal with them. Sometimes it's because it's unsafe to have any feelings at all in the moment, we may not have the tools to deal with it or we may stuff it way down because we are too afraid to feel it. 
When this happens, those emotions don't go anywhere. They get stored in our energy and our bodies, stacking up layer by layer throughout the years. Each emotion adding more energy to the feelings we experienced. 
Each time we add a new emotion to the pile, we are strengthening the feelings we have about an experience, a person or even ourselves. It's our subconscious' way of protecting itself.
For Example...
Say that as a child your parents only seem to praise you when you get good grades at school. Maybe they are busy raising several kids, working long hours and when you bring a good grade home you can feel their sense of relief to not have to worry about you because you are "doing ok." 
As the years go by you learn that doing good in school makes you less of a burden and you want to be helpful to your parents in that way so you keep up the good grades and even though you might enjoy other fun activities, you don't really let yourself waste time on them because good grades are what you know earns you "love."
As you grow up and become an adult, you find yourself working long hours and really putting in all of your effort to "do a good job." But, after 10 years in your career you feel major burnout and you are so unfulfilled. You wake up so unhappy, there is no joy left in life & you feel that even though things look good on the surface, you don't have the right to complain. 
What's happening is that you learned love comes from working hard and that is how you earn your place in the world. It's where your value is measured and when you truly need support and a change of pace, you don't feel you have the right to burden others, just like you didn't want to be a burden in childhood. All of those emotions you felt come rushing in every day to re-confirm that you "earn love by not being a burden and doing a good job."
Allowing the Story to Change
The Emotion Code & Body Code are modalities that allow us to muscle test for the emotions and experiences that are holding this old belief in place and then allow us to RELEASE it.
It's a do over.
A way to easily let go of the trapped emotional energies that are holding that way of living in place and preventing you from being able to see a better option.
Maybe what you really want is to branch out on your own and create your own business but the fear of being a burden while you get it started and having to invest in yourself triggers your worthiness. Are you worthy of betting on yourself? Are you worth the risk? Do you still have value if you aren't earning during the time it takes to create it?
All of these stories come from the emotional triggers you are holding in your body. Triggers meant to keep you safe and earn love in "proven ways" but they aren't serving any longer and the subconscious will death grip them until they are released.
Energy Healing is EVERYTHING & a Bag of Chips
It really is.
This a one of the easiest ways I've found to Identify what your triggers & beliefs are and then Release them. It means that now you have the freedom to choose new feelings & beliefs without your past experiences in the way. It's Freedom to be who you want to be in your own life. 
The beauty is that once an experience or belief is cleared, those emotions aren't going to come back. Most of the time there is such an instant state of lightness or relief.
Just BOOM gone.
This Modality can be used for everything from Beliefs, Trauma, Anxiety, feelings of Depression, Physical Illness or Pain, Chakras, Spiritual Well Being.... the list goes on. It is honestly a great tool for any area you are wanting to Heal or Expand!
If you are curious about how the Modality works specifically you can check out our Video below as well!

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