Hello Friend!

I'm so happy to have you here!

I'm Aspen, a Spiritual Entrepreneur who believes that when we show up as our most authentic self, able to own what is so special about us, we become unstoppable in creating a life filled with Abundance, Healing & Wholeness. 

I got started on this journey awhile ago when my son was born 2 months premature & we had an unanticipated NICU stay followed by 8 long years of PTSD & anxiety. I struggled for a really long time to figure out how I could heal myself from the trauma of that experience.

As luck would have it, that's how I ended up finding the Emotion/Body Code. It was like a light in the darkness to be able to let go of so many feelings and fears I had been holding onto.


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What I really found

 in the process of my healing journey, was that, under all of the traumatic experiences that kept surfacing to be healed, I was really afraid to use my voice & speak up for what was important to me & what I believed in. And that's how the spiritual part of my work came into play.

It really became my heart's calling at that point, to help others. If I could heal what had driven my anxiety for 8 long years... then I wanted other people to feel the same relief I had!

On being Intuitive... 


I've always been intuitive & connected with the energy of the spiritual realm but to be able to combine the healing work with the guidance of those who are here to love and support us... that was the MAGIC I had been waiting for!

It became this incredible journey over several years of watching people heal the experiences that were causing them pain and then realizing they wanted to BE more. They wanted to be WHO they were. Not who they had been told they were. They realized they had gifts and they wanted to share just like I did & they wanted their gifts to bless their lives in Abundant ways.

Who would say no to that?

There's really nothing I love more than watching someone heal their story so that they can begin to claim their own unique soul gifts & then use them to create a business that fuels them. What better healing is there than to take what you have learned and healed & then support other people with your knowledge?

It's the miracle of all miracles to be able to share that with others. 

So, if you are here on this page because you are working on healing.

I've got you.

If you are here to find your gifts. I've got you.

And if you are ready to use those gifts to create Abundance and Blessings in ways you never thought possible... I'm absolutely here to support that part of your journey too!

-Aspen Robinson


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