Hello Friend!

I'm so happy to have you here!

I'm Aspen, an Empath and Trauma Informed Coach using Energy Healing & Somatic Practices to support other Empaths in their healing journey.

I got started on this path  quite a few years back when my son was born 2 months premature & we had an unanticipated NICU stay. That was followed by 8 long years of PTSD & panic. 

I knew for me personally I wanted to heal as holistically as possible in Mind, Body & Spirit, so I stumbled into Energy Healing and later more Somatic Practices that listened to the wisdom & emotions held in the body. 


In the process of healing that trauma (& insane panic attacks!) I discovered that there was actually a lot more trauma under the surface and began healing my inner child & inner teen as well. 


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Fast Forward to Today...

 My life changed so much. The panic attacks stopped, my body started healing, I began to find my voice and remember who I am... I essentially found my way back to me.

And I want to share what I've discovered & learned along the way to help other Empaths heal from their own stories and live a life that feels meaningful & connected.

On being an Intuitive Empath in Sessions... 

 One of the gifts of being an Empath is that we tend to be intuitive... and that's also part of what I bring to the session. 

The intention is to use a combination of Energy Work, Intuitive Coaching and Somatic Practices to create a safe space for you to be seen & heard. When you feel safe, your body & mind are able to relax and create an opening for healing.

In session, we go between multiple modalities & and also intuitively tuning in. It's not something you have to decide ahead of time, we simply trust that your body will tell us exactly where we need to go.

One of the reasons this such a big deal for Empaths is that your Emotional Body is carrying all of the emotions you haven't processed or healed from ALONG with all the emotions you've picked up from others on the way.

When we can clear those emotions from your body & energy field, we are releasing the triggers so you have space to heal, rest & feel safe in your own body. 

If you want more info on the Energy Healing Modalities I use, be sure to check the link at the top of the page called "Energy Work."

You can also email me at [email protected]


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