Curious About Working Together?

Let me introduce Myself!

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Energy Healing to Release Emotion Blocks & Energetic Weapons


Subconscious Re-Programming to Integrate Empowering Beliefs


Guidance from Your Spiritual Team & Higher Self to Support Clarity


Working Together Looks Like...

I’m an Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach so it’s a more holistic approach to healing what you hold emotionally and energetically that either stems from trauma, generational patterns or your own limiting beliefs.


In a session we take the concern you bring to the table and identify what created it, what beliefs are contributing to it and release/heal the emotions and experiences that created it through the use of the Emotion & Body Code Modality.

The intention in a session is to identify and heal the root cause by releasing the emotional triggers in the body so you have space to heal and move forward.

Because when we heal the emotional wounds, we create space to heal everything else and we feel less triggered and overwhelmed in our everyday life.

I’m also an Intuitive so during a session other information and guidance usually comes in as well which helps us understand more fully your own journey.

The beauty of these 2 things combined is that we don't always know the cause of our pain... we can identify what we think it is or how we feel holding onto it but sometimes we miss the mark or don't have all the information we need. 

Energy Healing allows your own body to answer what its holding through the use of muscle testing and Intuitive Coaching allows us to see you more clearly which ultimately helps you heal more quickly and fully.

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