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"Aspen is the most genuine, caring an intuitive person I've been blessed to know. Working with Aspen has been such an amazing experience, she goes above an beyond keeping in touch, an sharing her knowledge with everyone. I highly recommend working with Aspen. Best decision I've ever made."

Kate C.


"Aspen has an amazing gift that will help you redefine your life and give you clarity. She is an authentic and compassionate person whose beauty runs deep into her soul. I am constantly learning from her. Our sessions working to remove my heartwall are extremely helpful. But the work can be tough so be prepared to allow yourself the space to acknowledge the experiences which led you to the place you are in now. It is a journey to truly letting go and loving yourself fully!"
Andrea Z.T.


"Doing the emotion code with Aspen has changed my life. I see and feel things differently because of it. I highly recommend checking out what she has to offer."
Kari B.
"Aspen is one of the most real and straightforward people I've worked with, as well as one of the most generous. I am excited to work more with her in learning emotion code and am grateful for all of her knowledge she shares in the group!"

C. Maria

From Michelle:

Aspen is brilliantly talented and an amazing energy healer. If you're feeling stuck on a hampster wheel, invest in yourself and allow her to help you get off of it."


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Aspen is such a generous, deeply tuned in healer, gets "my stuff" completely and makes me feel super safe - highly recommended!!

-Karin VG

Aspen’s dedication to mastering and teaching the Emotion Code is unmatched. Her teachings have depth and she’s so giving and intuitive.

Dyanne J.

Aspen is a true blessing and beautiful healer. I highly recommend her and intend to continue working with her and receiving healing for many other things that I know weigh me down and block free flowing chakra energy.

Kelly H.

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