3 Simple Steps to Start Healing your Childhood Wounds

Childhood wounds can come from many places.

Sometimes they are from the places we usually think of like trauma or abuse but they just as often can come from things like stress in the family as a child, divorce, loss, parents who weren't emotionally mature & even from loving parents who just didn't know how to meet all of our needs. 


What's so important about them is that they impact YOU and the way you feel about yourself and your life. They become the thoughts and the feelings that are always rolling around telling us that we aren't enough or no one will love us if we show up as ourselves.


Some of the most common ways they can manifest is...


So if you are working on healing your childhood wounds, let me share a few things I've found to be so helpful in my own healing & also with my clients.



How you feel when you're triggered is usually a re-enactment of the past. It's your emotions from that original...

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Negative Self Talk

Negative Self  Talk

This is one of those areas that can show up as the drive to be perfect. To do more. To do better because you never feel like you’ve done enough. It hides under the guise of being a “perfectionist”…. I know… what could be wrong with wanting something to be perfect right? We all want to do a good job. To feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and make sure we deliver what we agree to deliver.

This negative self talk is really a culmination of all the things you’ve been told or believe about yourself to be lacking, hiding under the mask of needing to get it “right.” For most of us, it starts early in our life when feel like we have to earn some type of love or appreciation. Maybe you were told you weren’t good enough so you choose to prove people wrong. Maybe you are afraid to get something wrong because there’s fear of some type of consequence you’ve had in the past. Either way,...

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What Is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an incredible tool for helping you identify the Emotional Baggage or Trauma that is keeping you from stepping into the life you want to live. It's an Energy Healing Modality that allows us to muscle test for the Emotional Experiences that are holding you back, causing you pain or keeping traumatic experiences trapped in the body.
The Basics
As we go throughout life we have experiences that don't always go as planned. These experiences might be ones that are out of our control, unsafe, painful or even confusing. For most of us, when this happens (especially when we are young) we don't know how to deal with them. Sometimes it's because it's unsafe to have any feelings at all in the moment, we may not have the tools to deal with it or we may stuff it way down because we are too afraid to feel it. 
When this happens, those emotions don't go anywhere. They get stored in our energy and our bodies, stacking up...
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