Understanding the Root Chakra

When I started working with the Emotion Code one of the first questions I muscle tested was “Can we measure the Chakras??” Of course the answer was “YES” because energy (duh) which led me down a serious rabbit hole to test every chakra and clear them regularly for myself and any unsuspecting soul who would let me test them! Fast forward to now and they are still just as fascinating as ever. Think about how amazing it is to know what each chakra does and then being able to know the exact emotions and experiences that have been blocking it… POWERFUL right?

Because it’s such amazing insight I wanted to do a mini blog series on how each Chakra impacts you in the work of Spiritual Growth & Re-writing Your Limiting Beliefs. Who couldn’t use a bit more clarity and insight into why you do what you do?


The Root Chakra is the first chakra in the system of 7 Chakras we are all familiar with. It really lays the...

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What Is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an incredible tool for helping you identify the Emotional Baggage or Trauma that is keeping you from stepping into the life you want to live. It's an Energy Healing Modality that allows us to muscle test for the Emotional Experiences that are holding you back, causing you pain or keeping traumatic experiences trapped in the body.
The Basics
As we go throughout life we have experiences that don't always go as planned. These experiences might be ones that are out of our control, unsafe, painful or even confusing. For most of us, when this happens (especially when we are young) we don't know how to deal with them. Sometimes it's because it's unsafe to have any feelings at all in the moment, we may not have the tools to deal with it or we may stuff it way down because we are too afraid to feel it. 
When this happens, those emotions don't go anywhere. They get stored in our energy and our bodies, stacking up...
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