Healing Ancestral DNA

Our DNA is a living library of information that is constantly informing us how to live. It tells our body how to heal, it tunes us into our greatest abilities & it helps us connect to the perfect Divine Blueprint we have for our life. When it is balanced and healthy, it guides everything in our Mind, Body & Spirit to its highest potential.


But, as we are born into families & lineages that hold trauma, limiting beliefs & unhealed emotional wounds, we can take on some of those energies in our shared DNA.


This is why energy work can be so powerful. 


Imagine that you've spent your whole life noticing how everyone in your family is afraid to take big risks. You might have decided that you won't live under that fear and no matter how afraid you might be you always make that leap. In many ways, this is breaking that cycle BUT what if you could take that leap, never having that fear in the first place? What if instead of always having to move...

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The 6 Fears of Manifesting

What are the 6 Major Fears?

Ever wondered why you can be making progress & working towards your goals but there’s still something that keeps hitting the PAUSE button? Something that keeps you from doing the things you know you need to in order to reach that dream? At the root of that is an Emotional Fear that something terrible is going to happen. It’s a combination of your Abundance Block & the Fear of Getting what you really want.

There are 6 Main Fears that rear their ugly head when you are trying to Manifest and make changes in your life. These are particularly obvious when you are working on being a truly Authentic version of yourself that lines up with your Purpose. You tend to have one major Fear that blocks you from doing what it necessary to get what you want but you can have other secondary ones that play off of it. For the purpose of Manifesting we are going to focus on how the Major Fear shows up and what they look like in everyday life.

1. Fear of...

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What Is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an incredible tool for helping you identify the Emotional Baggage or Trauma that is keeping you from stepping into the life you want to live. It's an Energy Healing Modality that allows us to muscle test for the Emotional Experiences that are holding you back, causing you pain or keeping traumatic experiences trapped in the body.
The Basics
As we go throughout life we have experiences that don't always go as planned. These experiences might be ones that are out of our control, unsafe, painful or even confusing. For most of us, when this happens (especially when we are young) we don't know how to deal with them. Sometimes it's because it's unsafe to have any feelings at all in the moment, we may not have the tools to deal with it or we may stuff it way down because we are too afraid to feel it. 
When this happens, those emotions don't go anywhere. They get stored in our energy and our bodies, stacking up...
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