The 6 Fears of Manifesting

Oct 03, 2020

What are the 6 Major Fears?

Ever wondered why you can be making progress & working towards your goals but there’s still something that keeps hitting the PAUSE button? Something that keeps you from doing the things you know you need to in order to reach that dream? At the root of that is an Emotional Fear that something terrible is going to happen. It’s a combination of your Abundance Block & the Fear of Getting what you really want.

There are 6 Main Fears that rear their ugly head when you are trying to Manifest and make changes in your life. These are particularly obvious when you are working on being a truly Authentic version of yourself that lines up with your Purpose. You tend to have one major Fear that blocks you from doing what it necessary to get what you want but you can have other secondary ones that play off of it. For the purpose of Manifesting we are going to focus on how the Major Fear shows up and what they look like in everyday life.

1. Fear of Poverty

This one we are all familiar with but what is interesting is that this is not always the main block that’s affecting you. This is the feeling that there is scarcity in the world. That no matter what you do there will never be enough and that you are inherently lacking in some way. It’s mindset that there exists complete lack and that by you following your Purpose in life you will finally see your lack of capabilities, resources and support at the fundamental level. If this is your fear then you will seek situations that reinforce you aren’t poor. You may overspend, run up debt, take from others, be afraid of making financial decisions or want things you haven’t earned. Know that your energetically trying to soothe that Fear and once it’s realized it becomes much easier to disentangle it from your self worth.

Main Emotional Triggers: Doubt, Fear, Procrastination, Indecision, Over Caution

2. Fear of Criticism

This Fear is the fear related to judgment from others. We all initially build these lives and identities that mold into what others find acceptable. It’s a safety method for keeping people from disapproving or inflicting “punishment”
on us for not fitting inside their box. If  you have experienced any type of abuse this can be a safety mechanism for you. Becoming what others find acceptable can keep you out of harm or danger in a very real physical sense. It can also show up when you never fully allowed yourself to be honest about your Authentic Self and are constantly worrying about how others perceive you and your life or your work. Typically when this shows up you will notice it because your life is “polished” and you don’t allow yourself to ever show weakness. You may be overly critical of others and their choices. You may be triggered when people make decisions that are out of the norm and talk about how you “Can’t believe they did that.” This is because you are being triggered by what could happen when people step outside of the norm.

Main Emotional Triggers: Self Conscious, Lack of Poise, Inferiority, Lack of Ambition, Lack of Initiative

3. Fear of Ill Health

This is a major Fear for a lot of people. It is the Fear that you will fall prey to Death or Disease and you can’t do anything to prevent it. It takes a lot physical and mental health to consistently manifest the life you want. This is a fearful state that creates powerlessness in the person. It will rear its ugly head through self sabotage when you are working towards your goals by making you sick all of the sudden and generating thoughts of “I knew I shouldn’t do this, this is work for others who are stronger than me.” It can keep you stuck, unable to plan for the future because you have such a great fear of the future and what it holds. Physically it can manifest as being overweight, ill health, hypochondria and poor self care.

Main Emotional Triggers: Lack of Self Care, Illness, Hypochondria, Self Coddling

4. Fear of Loss of Love of Someone

This is a HUGE one! It affects a lot people who are doing empathic work and are called to really stand out from everyone else. It can feel similar to the Fear of Criticism but it is the fear that if you show your Authentic Self by chasing a dream, setting boundaries or coming out of the Woo Closet that people will straight up Abandon you. It can be particularly harsh when you’ve been making big changes and you feel like your friends and family will “judge” who you are now. The reason that it’s different from the Fear of Criticism though is that  you know you could handle the criticism as uncomfortable as it would be but your subconscious doesn’t think it would survive the LOSS of LOVE from people in your life. This ties in nicely with fears of being Seen or Speaking Your Truth and are usually indicators of this base fear.

Main Emotional Triggers: Jealousy, Fault Finding, Abandonment, Rejection, Betrayal, Vulnerability

5. Fear of Old Age

This fear is that you are “too old” to make changes in your life, “too old” to change your ways or reach new goals. This can show up because you’ve been avoiding making changes required to reach your goals OR new goals have come to the forefront later in life and you are afraid to go for them. This is the emotional equivalent of saying “I’m no longer worth it.” It’s telling yourself that you are too tired, not familiar enough with technology, out of the game too long (ahem, stay at home mom’s with killer dreams I’m cheering for you!), or it can show up when we dress younger than we are out of fear or behave in ways that try to “prove” we aren’t “old.” This is imagination suicide in this zone! We don’t use up our imagination and creativity as we get older, we fine tune it! You may not know how to use the newest app but you still have a wealth of knowledge that the world needs.

Main Emotional Triggers: Longing, Low Self Esteem, Overwhelm, Inferiority, Creative Insecurity

6. The Fear of Death

Good old Death. This fear is not simply the fear of Dying but the fear that something you do will result in yours or another’s death. It will NOT always be obvious. It’s such an intense fear that it will be guarded under layers of Abandonment and Loss. It can be created from traumas resulting in the loss of someone or events where you thought you would lose someone or die yourself. It also allows you to believe that you have control of sorts over life and death. If you do the “Correct” thing then everyone will remain safe. This will keep you benched in the worst kind of way. Every time you try to manifest or show your true self this heavy fear will be triggered and shut you down. It can show up as Ill Health(self sabotage), Lack of Career You Love, Poverty, Disappointment in Relationships, Fanaticism in Religion and Worry.

Main Emotional Triggers: Overwhelm, Worry, Despair, Anger, Bitterness, Dread, Terror, Panic, Lack of Control

These Fears are very real for all of us. We typically have one main one that shows up in our Manifesting Abilities and it’s typically tied to our Purpose in Life. It’s our Biggest Fear that is usually keeping us from showing up as our Authentic Self and it’s our Authentic Self that creates the most Abundance in our Life. We owe it to ourselves to be able to identify and release the blocks around this Fear. It can literally be the difference between being stuck unable to move forward into Joy or staying in the same place getting the same small results we’ve always gotten. Chose to kick that Fear to the curb so you can fully embrace your gifts and the rewards that come from showing up 100% you.





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