Being Vulnerable & Protected: How to Live Authentically & Not Be Afraid of Getting Hurt


It can be really hard to show up in the world in a vulnerable way...

& not be afraid that you are going to get hurt & that others won't let you down.


For most of us, this happens because we have some past experiences with being hurt or judged when we did show others a part of our truest selves. So little by little we learn to guard it and keep it tucked away where it will be safe but eventually we notice that it also keeps us from having the rich moments we long for or the connection we really want.


So the question is "how do we live unguarded and vulnerable, but feel safe at the same time?"

In this video I'm sharing what I've seen in working with my clients and my own life. It's not rocket science to show up this way but it does take faith and a whole lot of trust. It's a practice. It takes time to re-learn how to be safe showing up authentically.


I would love to know... where are you wanting to let your own guards down and show up more...

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