What if, you aren't "special?"


At some point this thought probably ran through your head...

What if I'm not special?

Usually it happens at the very moment when you are about to step out and do something you haven't done before. You may have an idea brewing or have been working on something that you want to offer others ... heck, maybe it even stopped you in your tracks and you didn't even get as far as what you want to put out in the world!


What I know is that those of us who are here to work serving others or run our own business, can get stuck here and sometimes we never move. We weigh ourselves against everyone else out there, comparing our gifts & talents to theirs and never actually feel like what we have, IS special. 

Do you know the quickest way to shift that?

You can lead with HEART.

If you are focused on whether you have something special to offer people, you really tend to be in the energy of wondering if they will approve of you, love you & celebrate you....

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You Can Be Afraid to Jump & Still Blow Your Own Mind

I was thinking about this lately.

How many times in life we come up to that moment of wanting something new and realizing we have to take some action... but feeling so unsure of how to do it and if we are even qualified to do it. 

When I was a teenager I remember NEEDING to earn a downpayment for my car which equated to 50% of what I was buying it for and knowing that even though I had never earned that much money in one fell swoop... I had to figure it out. There was no other option honestly. 

At the time I had one talent that actually paid me based on my talent and not just how many hours I worked... I was also 16 so people were not super inclined to pay me a lot of money for my time. 

So I took my 1 talent and decided I was going to turn that talent into the money I needed, come hell or high water... I mean I had NO other option!

Know what that talent was? 

You probably would never guess this unless I told you, but it was Rug Hooking! A random craft I had...

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