What if, you aren't "special?"

Jun 28, 2021


At some point this thought probably ran through your head...

What if I'm not special?

Usually it happens at the very moment when you are about to step out and do something you haven't done before. You may have an idea brewing or have been working on something that you want to offer others ... heck, maybe it even stopped you in your tracks and you didn't even get as far as what you want to put out in the world!


What I know is that those of us who are here to work serving others or run our own business, can get stuck here and sometimes we never move. We weigh ourselves against everyone else out there, comparing our gifts & talents to theirs and never actually feel like what we have, IS special. 

Do you know the quickest way to shift that?

You can lead with HEART.

If you are focused on whether you have something special to offer people, you really tend to be in the energy of wondering if they will approve of you, love you & celebrate you. That's just a recipe for "needing validation" disaster!

I've found that this will stop you more times than naught because you are really just trying to control how people see you. When you focus on leading with your Heart, you are actually focused on serving the people in your life or business and it will give you that extra bit of courage to get going when you are stuck & the freedom to learn your greatness along the way!


Truly, You are Special

Honestly, You just forgot

When you ask yourself, how can I show up loving myself and the people I want to help? You naturally find in yourself, what it is that you can do to help them. This is also funny enough, where most of your gifts really are. 


We are each special but not because we have some talent that someone else doesn't have. "Special-ness" is simply learning to use what you've got and do it in a way that makes everyone's lives better for it.

And shifting out of being worried and doubting yourself just helps you move past that fear so you can start to realize how truly talented and gifted you are. When you get into the energy of rolling up your sleeves and working with what you've got, you naturally uncover more of what's great about you.




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