Empaths: Are you Exhausted from Caring?



The longer we travel into all of this change and having to make accommodations in our daily life, the less understanding and compassion we have for things that don't line up the way we want. The easier it is to simply  STOP CARING because you are so tired from always feeling other people's emotions.

As an Empath, it can feel like being fed up with everyone's feelings and opinion... you may have even thought,  "can everyone JUST SHUT UP? "

As a society we can be pretty good at rushing in when things fall apart to try and mend, or carry the load for others, but all of that helping can leave us individually exhausted and feeling unable to handle our own feelings. The need to HELP can cause us to get in this space where our compassion is DOA.

I've been seeing in sessions and even felt it myself when I'm out in the world. It's exhausting when you just want to do something you normally would and you can't and people are having such big...

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