Empaths: Are you Exhausted from Caring?

Feb 23, 2021



The longer we travel into all of this change and having to make accommodations in our daily life, the less understanding and compassion we have for things that don't line up the way we want. The easier it is to simply  STOP CARING because you are so tired from always feeling other people's emotions.

As an Empath, it can feel like being fed up with everyone's feelings and opinion... you may have even thought,  "can everyone JUST SHUT UP? "

As a society we can be pretty good at rushing in when things fall apart to try and mend, or carry the load for others, but all of that helping can leave us individually exhausted and feeling unable to handle our own feelings. The need to HELP can cause us to get in this space where our compassion is DOA.

I've been seeing in sessions and even felt it myself when I'm out in the world. It's exhausting when you just want to do something you normally would and you can't and people are having such big emotions about it. It makes us feel short with others, depressed, sad, stressed... you name it, we are feeling it right now.

Empaths are magnets for emotions. You can feel the emotional temperature of a room, people's underlying fears or worry, whether they are being truthful, along with the good feelings but it's really the heavier emotions that we try to take on. We want to hold them to help people feel better and in the past year... there's been alot to hold onto.

If you are an Empath, let me share some things that have helped to let go of any exhaustion or stress you are feeling right now from having to care so much.

One of the quickest ways to clear your own energy field is with a salt bath.

Salt has the ability to draw out anything that is heavy or not your own and purify it. Salt also helps calm the body and the Nervous System. When you are feeling weighed down by things, this is a great way to clear any energies (not just emotions) that are not your own and help your body find calm again. 

I love to add Rose Essential Oil as well because it matches the frequency of the Heart Chakra (528hz) which helps you reconnect to the feelings that are yours alone. If you don't have the oil you can use Rose Petals in your water as well.

While you are soaking, take some time to tune into your body and YOUR feelings and envision them releasing into the water and becoming clear. Empaths can get so bogged down in other people's feelings that they forget to check in with their own. 


Inevitably, during this past year you have taken on things that are weighing you down or you aren't simply willing to carry any longer. These could be beliefs, feelings, other people's worries or tasks. 

There is always room to let go of something in order to gain more peace in your life. What have you been carrying that you are ready to lay down? 

When you are a sensitive person you can try to make sure you get everything "right" in order to make sure everyone is taken care of BUT maybe it's time to allow others to carry their own weight and learn how to be strong on their own. You letting go of a responsibility could bless them with an opportunity to learn how strong they are.

Maybe you have some fears you've been carrying around too. It might be time to lay those down too. If they are causing you to feel "clenched" or afraid then they aren't helping you. Life should be a flow not an arduous uphill battle all the time. 

Maybe while you are soaking, take a moment to get honest with yourself about what is causing you to feel overwhelmed and fatigued. Allow it to be an opportunity to SEE yourself and everything you've been through in the past year and show yourself compassion for everything you've championed your way through. 

The world needs Empaths.

But it needs empaths who take care of themselves first because we have the ability to not only understand and feel other's emotions but to find the deeper meaning in our own. If we take care of our own energy first, then we become an example of what healthy emotions and boundaries look like. That blesses the world far more than carrying their weight for them.

In the Emotion/Body Code work, we hold onto other's emotions as "Absorbed Emotions." These are the emotions that others have felt and you took on. They can make it harder for you to release because you don't have any frame of reference for them, since they aren't yours.

For most empaths, you will notice this because there is a heaviness you can't quite shake, you have digestive or stomach upsets & you are emotionally overwhelmed and shutting people out because you just can't handle it. 

In a session, what we do is clear for absorbed emotions to help you release what isn't yours and muscle test for the area in the body you are carrying it. If you feel called to dive a bit deeper in clearing you can schedule a session below.



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