Holding Higher Vibrations in Your Nervous System

 Have you ever wondered why certain nagging feelings such as worry, stress or anxiety can subside but never really leave?

Or why you can't seem to gather the steam needed to feel confident enough to go after bigger dreams?

Our bodies hold thousands upon thousands of memories in our organs, limbs and chakras but the vast majority of stressful & fearful experiences actually land in our Nervous System. Like a running memory of every experience that stressed you and made you feel bad. The experiences where you were made fun of, you felt your confidence hit the drain, you felt unsafe or felt stressed out and anxious, layer by layer, they build up in your Nervous System. 

The thing is, your Nervous System can handle A LOT... like an insane amount of stress & anxiety. Some people are actual Olympic level when it comes to how much they can hold in their Nervous System. If you grew up in a stressful home or have had experiences where you had to grit and bear it...

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Biggest 3 Myths About Raising Your Vibration

Great News...

You don't actually have to sit in meditation all day long on a 7 day juice cleanse to have a high vibration. I mean, you can, but you don't have to.

Having a High Vibration has kinda become the Holy Grail of spiritual work and for good reason, it's one of the ways we create ease and alignment in our lives, but as you are working towards holding a higher vibration there are 3 really common thoughts that may pop into your head and I don't want you to get hung up on them!


MYTH #1:

I have to feel Happy all the time to hold a High Vibration

This one can seem a bit tricky on the surface because if you done any type of energy work, you know that the better you feel the higher your vibration and I definitely don't argue with that!

However, if you think of raising your Vibration as being a staircase, each time you land on new step (aka higher vibration) it takes some effort to climb up. Sometimes this effort is allowing the next layer of emotions, memories or...

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Understanding Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies

Understanding Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies

Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies are one way that others can influence our lives and energy in a negative way. Below are some of the most common examples of the ways they can show up and how they can impact your life. 



Miasms are distortions in your energy field that are inherited from an ancestor. When you have an ancestor who had an unhealed trauma that didn't quite manifest into an illness, they can create a distortion in their own energy field. This distortion can then be passed down to other members of the family.  It can then manifest into an illness for you or other member's of your family because it's looking for someone to recognize it and heal it. 

It will typically show up as being triggered by a particular emotion in an organ of the body. For example, Sadness held in the Lungs could manifest as Lung issues through your family line and the root cause is unhealed Sadness...

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Soul Purpose: Which Path Are You On?

Your Soul Purpose is this incredible blueprint that shows you who you intended to be in this lifetime and what your absolute highest potential is. It holds the talents, wisdom, inspiration & growth that your Soul is showing up for every single day. When you know with Clarity what that is, you show up with Intention and everything in your life begins to unfold in a miraculous way.

Soul Purpose is where your greatest gifts meet your greatest lessons so you can reach your own Highest Potential.

As you start to dive into the question of "What am I here to experience in this life" there are a couple of themes you can look out for. Most of us are on a journey that falls into one or more of these major categories but how you carry it can look completely different from the next person. Use this simple guide to see which ones you feel most called to. Some you will know are personal and work that you are meant to do simply for yourself and others you will feel called to help others...

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Negative Self Talk

Negative Self  Talk

This is one of those areas that can show up as the drive to be perfect. To do more. To do better because you never feel like you’ve done enough. It hides under the guise of being a “perfectionist”…. I know… what could be wrong with wanting something to be perfect right? We all want to do a good job. To feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and make sure we deliver what we agree to deliver.

This negative self talk is really a culmination of all the things you’ve been told or believe about yourself to be lacking, hiding under the mask of needing to get it “right.” For most of us, it starts early in our life when feel like we have to earn some type of love or appreciation. Maybe you were told you weren’t good enough so you choose to prove people wrong. Maybe you are afraid to get something wrong because there’s fear of some type of consequence you’ve had in the past. Either way,...

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