Understanding Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies

Understanding Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies

Energetic Weapons & Negative Energies are one way that others can influence our lives and energy in a negative way. Below are some of the most common examples of the ways they can show up and how they can impact your life. 



Miasms are distortions in your energy field that are inherited from an ancestor. When you have an ancestor who had an unhealed trauma that didn't quite manifest into an illness, they can create a distortion in their own energy field. This distortion can then be passed down to other members of the family.  It can then manifest into an illness for you or other member's of your family because it's looking for someone to recognize it and heal it. 

It will typically show up as being triggered by a particular emotion in an organ of the body. For example, Sadness held in the Lungs could manifest as Lung issues through your family line and the root cause is unhealed Sadness...

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Energetic Weapons: Understanding Saboteurs

Energetic Weapons can be some of the sneakiest of the Energy Wounds we face when we don’t know what we are looking for. They have the ability to inflict physical pain or illness, blocks to abundance, fears and can make it impossible to forget a situation and move past old relationships. Have you ever had a friendship end poorly and no matter how hard you tried to move on you just couldn’t? More than likely it’s because you have some type of Energetic Wound connecting you still making it impossible to fully call back all of your energy.

There are a lot of different ways that Energetic Wounds can show up…. Cording, Saboteurs, Curses, Despair Anchors etc. For this post I want to look at Saboteurs & the ways they appear in my work.

A Saboteur is an Energetic Weapon that is created by someone with the intent of causing harm and placed unknowingly in your energy field. On occasion if you practice extreme Self Abuse it is possible for you to place your own...

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