Energetic Weapons: Understanding Saboteurs

Oct 03, 2020

Energetic Weapons can be some of the sneakiest of the Energy Wounds we face when we don’t know what we are looking for. They have the ability to inflict physical pain or illness, blocks to abundance, fears and can make it impossible to forget a situation and move past old relationships. Have you ever had a friendship end poorly and no matter how hard you tried to move on you just couldn’t? More than likely it’s because you have some type of Energetic Wound connecting you still making it impossible to fully call back all of your energy.

There are a lot of different ways that Energetic Wounds can show up…. Cording, Saboteurs, Curses, Despair Anchors etc. For this post I want to look at Saboteurs & the ways they appear in my work.

A Saboteur is an Energetic Weapon that is created by someone with the intent of causing harm and placed unknowingly in your energy field. On occasion if you practice extreme Self Abuse it is possible for you to place your own Saboteurs in your Energy Field, but most of the time these come from our interactions with other people.

For Example, let’s say you have a friend that you have a disagreement with and the friendship comes to an end by your choice and that friend is really upset with you. Their subconscious has the ability to direct all of that negative energy at you in the form of a bullet that can become lodged in your right arm. They don’t always knowingly do this but now that you have this bullet in the energy field of your arm you could experience physical pain or weakness in that area or it could create a new fear/block for you.

Because the mind works on symbolism the bullet could symbolize them wanting to threaten you in order to stop you from getting what you want in life. The right side of the body is the power side and your ability to create what you want in life while the arm represents your ability to take what you need from life. So now you have an Energetic Weapon  that is used to make you afraid of feeling powerful enough to get what you want from life. It will be running in your energy field all the time creating this powerless feeling that you will have trouble identifying because it was placed their by someone else.

These Saboteurs can placed for any number of reasons and the people who placed them are also as likely to still be in your life. They may be from people you care about who in a moment of anger or fear placed one on you or they could be from people who you barely knew but had intense negative energy for you. There are a few symptoms that make it easier to identify but muscle testing is the fastest way to find them & release them so they are gone for good.

With muscle testing we can identify:

If you have any, Who they came from, When they were placed, the Weapon used, the Intent of the weapons &          the Location of the Wound.

Interestingly, there is no limit to the type of weapon used. The subconscious is a vast storehouse of symbolism so each weapon type will have it’s own meaning and particular wound it’s trying to create. These weapons can be placed in body parts, organs, chakras & other areas of the body depending on what the weapon’s purpose is. It is possible to identify exactly what the weapon’s intent is but not always necessary depending on how ready your subconscious is to let it go.

Once all of the information is identified they are released much the same way as Trapped Emotions with a magnet but they can occasionally have other wounds or emotions helping to hold them in place so we have to be sure to release any other underlying issues so they can be completely removed.

A powerful practice for preventing this from happening is visualizing yourself calling back your energy. During various time in our life we throw or give our energy away to others in order to find acceptance or love. This depletes our own energy & makes us more vulnerable to energetic weapons when we aren’t fully standing in our own power. Make time each day to spend a few minutes imagining your energy as marbles of light & hold the image of you calling back all the marbles you’ve handed out to people, places or events in your life. Once you start gathering your energy back it will start to become evident which people or situations you are struggling to call it back from completely and that’s a great way to identify if there’s some type of unhealed Energetic Wound that still needs resolved.

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