Your Soul Star Chakra & the Soul's Blueprint

Each of us has a divinely orchestrated path.

A path that we laid out while still in Spirit in our Soul's Blueprint.


Your Soul Star Chakra is this incredible  gem in your energy field. It is your own personal connection between your Higher Self & the Cosmos. It is also where your Soul's Blueprint is held along with all of the experiences and lessons your Soul has incarnated here to have and has done in past lives. This is where you Soul Purpose lives. That calling you are here to experience in this lifetime. 

Think of the Soul Star as the part of yourself that exists outside of this human experience. The part of you that has a broader view of your life and is watching over you with love and compassion. It is able to give you guidance and support in your life. 

As you move throughout lifetimes, it holds a record of the lessons you've mastered and the ones that you need to work on a bit more. When we talk about Past Lives, this is the chakra you use...

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Remembering Your Past Lives in Golden Ages

It's such an interesting & wild time to be alive right now. Sometimes you can look out at the world and think "how on earth are there so many people living such a different life than me?" And other times, you see the incredible things people are doing in their lives and recognize how much healing and growth there truly is in the world. 

Lately, my guides have been bringing up this conversation about how we are on the edge of creating another "Golden Age," if we choose. A period of time where we can each live a life that feels good and authentic to us. It's also a period of time where we allow others to be themselves and because of this, people choose to live the best version of themselves and we all benefit. Because, when people aren't held back by expectations and needs of others,  they choose to create beautiful things in the world and we all benefit from that. 


If you are new to the idea of a Golden Age, these are periods of time in human history where...

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