Your Soul Star Chakra & the Soul's Blueprint

Feb 02, 2021

Each of us has a divinely orchestrated path.

A path that we laid out while still in Spirit in our Soul's Blueprint.


Your Soul Star Chakra is this incredible  gem in your energy field. It is your own personal connection between your Higher Self & the Cosmos. It is also where your Soul's Blueprint is held along with all of the experiences and lessons your Soul has incarnated here to have and has done in past lives. This is where you Soul Purpose lives. That calling you are here to experience in this lifetime. 

Think of the Soul Star as the part of yourself that exists outside of this human experience. The part of you that has a broader view of your life and is watching over you with love and compassion. It is able to give you guidance and support in your life. 

As you move throughout lifetimes, it holds a record of the lessons you've mastered and the ones that you need to work on a bit more. When we talk about Past Lives, this is the chakra you use to explore your own Akashic Records (where your past life records are kept.) Each experience is held here in your own energy. It is always accessible to you and influencing your choices & actions in this life. 

One of the things you will notice as you are on the path to fulfilling your Blueprint, is that your Soul Star will begin to activate. You will start to feel more clear and confident on what it is you should be doing and what is a good fit for you. You will also notice that your own Intuitive Gifts begin to get stronger because you are more connected to your Higher Self. 



This chakra is also known for helping you "let go" of anything that doesn't serve you. So you will notice that as you release old stories and beliefs, this chakra will begin to strengthen and get "clearer." Meaning, it will be easier for you to access your Higher Self & most of the times, your own past lives. It will also bring forward any unresolved patterns or fears from other lifetimes that still need healing.

When we talk about getting guidance or listening to your Higher Self, we are typically talking about your connection to this Chakra. It's a connection that grows the more you simply tune in and ask for what serves your highest good. In your day to day life, this can look like asking for what you NEED in a day and following that guidance or asking your Higher Self what choice you should make about a particular decision in your life. 

Because this chakra isn't impacted by the ego, you know that when you are able to tune into it, you are receiving the most aligned guidance for you personally. 

Here is a quick visualization you can use to help you connect with and strengthen your Soul Star Chakra. It is amazing if you are exploring Past Lives, want to Trust yourself more fully, expand your Intuitive Gifts or simply want to feel that connection with your Higher Self. 


This is such a fun area to explore! Especially this month as we dive into lifetimes in Atlantis in the Lightworker's Code Membership. If you are interested in diving in further we would love to have you join!



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