Soul Purpose: Which Path Are You On?

Oct 27, 2020

Your Soul Purpose is this incredible blueprint that shows you who you intended to be in this lifetime and what your absolute highest potential is. It holds the talents, wisdom, inspiration & growth that your Soul is showing up for every single day. When you know with Clarity what that is, you show up with Intention and everything in your life begins to unfold in a miraculous way.

Soul Purpose is where your greatest gifts meet your greatest lessons so you can reach your own Highest Potential.

As you start to dive into the question of "What am I here to experience in this life" there are a couple of themes you can look out for. Most of us are on a journey that falls into one or more of these major categories but how you carry it can look completely different from the next person. Use this simple guide to see which ones you feel most called to. Some you will know are personal and work that you are meant to do simply for yourself and others you will feel called to help others with. There is no right or wrong answer here, only what feels best to you & what lights up thinking about it!


If you are meant to be healing in this lifetime, you will feel a pull to understand yourself, your story and family more deeply. Healing is a purpose many of us share and when it shows up, it's an opportunity to release and understand what is in the way of becoming your most brilliant self. This  is a path that we can sometimes meet with resistance because healing means we have to let go of ways we think about ourselves & the world. In the process we are consistently asked to become MORE of who we truly are and that can be frightening.

When you are healing for others, you will feel a call to share what you have learned, mastered or know, in order to help them heal as well. You will naturally be drawn to helping others learn or shift something that you have healed yourself OR something that you naturally have success with. It's as if you are inviting others to experience some GOOD that you have you experienced yourself. 



 This is where you feel the call to express yourself by creating new experiences, things or feelings in your life. When this is tied into your Purpose, it is asking you to explore something NEW and EXPANSIVE in your life. It's the Soul pushes it's own boundaries, seeing how BIG it can be. Creativity can be about creating physical items but not always. It's more about the idea of Expression and Reinvention.


If you are called to use Creative Energy in your Purpose, you will feel the call to share the things you've created so that you can inspire or evoke certain feelings or experiences in others. You may also feel a call to be KNOWN for who you truly are in sharing your creation with others. When you share it with others you are inviting them to explore their own feelings, self expression & beauty.


Mastery & Wisdom

 If you are called to really know yourself as a Master in this lifetime, you will typically feel the pull to continuously push yourself to refine and define who you are. This is about learning and understanding your own potential in new ways. You may also find that in this process, you are pulling upon gifts you've already mastered in order to expand further in one particular area. 

If you are using Mastery to be of service to others, you will feel the call to inspire & motivate others to do the same in their own life. Typically when you are serving others in this way you will find yourself in some form of "leadership" and will be setting an example for others to follow.


Teaching & Guiding

 If you are called to Teach or Guide others you feel the pull for connection and community as you share your experiences and knowledge. Sometimes this can show up as a need to share what you know so others can also go out and teach others this knowledge or truth. The impetus here is that part of your ability to fulfill your Purpose comes through being able to speak, coach, teach or write this guidance in way that helps you also understand your lessons more fully.

Teaching & Guiding are ways that the Soul really learns how to expand. When you show up and help others learn what you know, you are forced to get crystal clear on how well you understand a topic. This is where you become the Student while also being the Teacher because you are learning how organize & explain to others.


Which ones do you feel most connected with? You may see yourself in all of them or notice how at different times in your life you've been in one space or another. Knowing which area you fall into now can help you focus more clearly on your Purpose in this moment but there will be typically be one major theme that you feel most connected to in this life. That is the true focus and intention of your Purpose!


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