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5 Questions You Can Ask to Remember Your Soul's Purpose in this Life

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In the Soul Purpose Guide You'll Explore:


What Lights You Up!

When it comes to your Purpose, it can be in the moments where you LIGHT up! The things you naturally rock at, the things you love to learn about & also the ways that you easily give or help others. 


Your Purpose Blueprint

It would be so much easier if we came to Earth totally remembering our Purpose but lucky for us we all carry a Blueprint within us. Tapping into that Blueprint is where the fun begins.


Intuition & Inspiration are Clues

Your Blueprint is ALWAYS speaking to you through your Intuition and Inspiration! It's like an internal Soul GPS that guides you to the plan your Soul has laid out for you. 


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You + This Soul Purpose Guide= everything you need to get started!

Maybe you've spent alot of time knowing that you have this "Bigness" in you. This special knowing that you are here to live an amazing life.

Or maybe, you are just starting to realize you have a big Purpose in this life. 

Either way, this Soul Purpose Guide will give you 5 Key Questions you can ask yourself to start exploring what it is you are here to do. 

These questions are ones that I use with my clients & they can help jump start you in being able to get crystal clear on what the next move is for you!


  • Everyone has a Soul Purpose. There is something in each of that is always longing to experience more, to be more & to have more. Purpose is your path to experiencing that. 
  • If you are exhausted from spinning round and round in circles, these 5 Questions are just what you need to move you forward. 
  • Knowing your Purpose is where you unlock YOUR special gifts & talents. It's where you truly see what makes you shine!

A Note From Aspen...


Getting clear on what it is you are here to do can be quite literally life changing. If you are looking to figure out what special gifts you hold, what dreams are calling to you and the impact you are here to have in the world, then this is where you find it!

Uncovering your own unique Purpose is the key to being able to live the life you dream of. It will show you were you are able to Manifest the quickest, what spiritual gifts you bring to the table & what knowledge you intuitively hold that will help you live your life as your most beautiful and authentic self. 

These 5 Questions are ones that I use in my private coaching & also have used personally every time I want to get clear on what is next for me in my life. 


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