Learning How to Use Your Intuition

If you've been hanging around for a bit, you know we love talking about Intuition. It's one of the quickest ways to get clarity and direction about things going on in your life but learning how to use it can be a bit confusing when you first get started.

I'm here to help!

Sometimes it can seem like only "special" people have Intuitive Gifts or can do cool things like talk to spirit guides, spirit or "see" what is going to happen in the future. The truth is, we all have these abilities and sometimes it really is easier for others to use one or the other but you, yourself, you also have access to them, no matter how blocked they may feel right now.

No one is more special when it comes to the intuitive gift department.

Intuition is simply our willingness to KNOW what is true about ourselves and the world. It sounds easy enough but truth be told, we have so many beliefs and barriers in the way of seeing ourselves for who we truly are.

Growing your intuition is simply a matter...

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Soul Purpose: Which Path Are You On?

Your Soul Purpose is this incredible blueprint that shows you who you intended to be in this lifetime and what your absolute highest potential is. It holds the talents, wisdom, inspiration & growth that your Soul is showing up for every single day. When you know with Clarity what that is, you show up with Intention and everything in your life begins to unfold in a miraculous way.

Soul Purpose is where your greatest gifts meet your greatest lessons so you can reach your own Highest Potential.

As you start to dive into the question of "What am I here to experience in this life" there are a couple of themes you can look out for. Most of us are on a journey that falls into one or more of these major categories but how you carry it can look completely different from the next person. Use this simple guide to see which ones you feel most called to. Some you will know are personal and work that you are meant to do simply for yourself and others you will feel called to help others...

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Understanding the Crown Chakra


The Crown Chakra is thought of as the “seat of spirituality.” This is where we find the physical connection to the Pineal Gland which acts as a mechanism for igniting our imagination which is required in order to interact with the higher spiritual planes. It is through this Chakra that our connection with the Divine occurs.

When the Crown Chakra is balanced we are able to incorporate our emotional & mental relationships with the higher virtues of Hope, Faith, Awareness, Consciousness & Truth. This is essentially how we transmute negative and lower vibrational emotions into higher vibrations virtues that we are able to embody. It is through this center that we are able to work on the Ascension process.



When the Crown Chakra is imbalanced we can feel disconnected from God/Source/The Divine triggering feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety & blocks to worthiness. Within this chakra we...

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Understanding the Third Eye


The Third Eye is the 6th of the 7 Chakra System which governs your Sensory Vision as well as your Spiritual Vision. It’s within this energy center that you will find the Intuitive Gifts that are most frequently talked about: Clairvoyance, Prophecy, Energy Healing etc. From this center we are able to receive guidance from the Higher Self that helps us to make choices that are aligned with the Soul.

When the Third Eye is balanced we find it easy to act upon the Spiritual Beliefs that we hold to be true without being influenced by the people, cultures or structures around us. This allows us to live from a place of alignment that is open to receiving guidance in the moment of any situation.

When this center is balanced we are able to tune into our guidance & access those Intuitive “Knowings” about how to proceed, what is true, or what the big picture is. From this energy you are accessing the spiritual plane in order to break through...

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