Healing Ancestral & Past Life Energies

Your frequency is a snapshot of what your are feeling & believing at any given point in time. Some of the feelings you may be aware of & others might be low key running in the background like a fog that moves every time you go to look at it. We talk a lot about our own personal emotions in the group August Knox Nomad, but what about other kinds of low vibrational energies that might be holding your frequency back?

Picking up where we left off with the post “6 Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus,” let’s dig into some of the ways we can clear low frequencies through Ancestral Wounds & Past Life Karma. These 2 areas can potentially impact all of us as we go about our life and they can contribute to that feeling of knowing something is “right there” but every time you go to look, it moves out of sight. Working with these 2 types of energies can help you shift your frequency & move closer into alignment with who you truly are.


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6 Ways to Raise Your Frequency : Raising Your Vibration

6 Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus (and what you can do to shift it)

Frequency is pretty much the Holy Grail when it comes to healing, spiritual work, using your intuitive gifts… I could go on and on because your ability to hold a higher frequency translates into how good you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s also a tangible number that can be muscle tested to tell you exactly where you stand at any given moment (we check this in the Free Facebook Group Weekly: AUGUST KNOX NOMAD GROUP)

So what happens when you hit a plateau in how high your frequency can go? Are you doomed to stay there just because you’ve been stuck there for the past 6 months or are you feeling discouraged because you haven’t gotten it as high as you want? Fortunately, increasing your capacity to hold a higher frequency is not hard & is something that you can shift quickly with a little intention & awareness.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Most Common Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus:

#1 Your Story Needs Healing

This is by...

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Understanding the Crown Chakra


The Crown Chakra is thought of as the “seat of spirituality.” This is where we find the physical connection to the Pineal Gland which acts as a mechanism for igniting our imagination which is required in order to interact with the higher spiritual planes. It is through this Chakra that our connection with the Divine occurs.

When the Crown Chakra is balanced we are able to incorporate our emotional & mental relationships with the higher virtues of Hope, Faith, Awareness, Consciousness & Truth. This is essentially how we transmute negative and lower vibrational emotions into higher vibrations virtues that we are able to embody. It is through this center that we are able to work on the Ascension process.



When the Crown Chakra is imbalanced we can feel disconnected from God/Source/The Divine triggering feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety & blocks to worthiness. Within this chakra we...

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Understanding the Third Eye


The Third Eye is the 6th of the 7 Chakra System which governs your Sensory Vision as well as your Spiritual Vision. It’s within this energy center that you will find the Intuitive Gifts that are most frequently talked about: Clairvoyance, Prophecy, Energy Healing etc. From this center we are able to receive guidance from the Higher Self that helps us to make choices that are aligned with the Soul.

When the Third Eye is balanced we find it easy to act upon the Spiritual Beliefs that we hold to be true without being influenced by the people, cultures or structures around us. This allows us to live from a place of alignment that is open to receiving guidance in the moment of any situation.

When this center is balanced we are able to tune into our guidance & access those Intuitive “Knowings” about how to proceed, what is true, or what the big picture is. From this energy you are accessing the spiritual plane in order to break through...

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Understanding the Throat Chakra


The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra in the 7 System Chakra System. Sitting right above the Heart Chakra in the Throat area it is the first of the Upper Chakras. This powerhouse governs your ability to creatively express yourself through pure communication. When you hear people refer to “Speaking Your Truth” this is the Chakra that is in charge of that.

When your Throat Chakra is balanced you will find it easy to communicate to yourself and others what you want from life, how you view life & the vision you have for yourself. When the Throat Chakra is in balance it is much easier to speak the things you want into creation. Meaning that Manifesting is directly tied to how you use your Throat Chakra. The more clearly you “speak” up about what you want the easier it will be to call it in.


When there are imbalances in the Throat Chakra you may notice that you have trouble making decisions,...

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Understanding the Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra in the 7 System Chakra System and helps to connect the lower 3 Chakras with the upper 3 Chakras (it’s kind of a like an energetic bridge!) It is considered the center of love and regulates our relationships, self care, emotions and our ability to balance our needs & desires with those of others.

When this powerful center is balanced you feel a sense of “wholeness” that allows you to “follow your heart” which means you are able to live from a higher place instead of from need or compulsion. When you are living from a place of balance within this chakra you find it easier to establish healthy boundaries, identify what you want from life & your connection to others is more fulfilling & healthy.


When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced you may notice that you are unable to identify your own needs, dreams or desires for your life. Imbalances can...

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Understanding the Solar Plexus


The Solar Plexus is the Third Chakra in the 7 Chakra System & governs the energies that maintain your identity. How you see yourself and the roles you play are developed within the powerful energy center. It is impacted by family patterns & trauma as well as your community. This is the Chakra that determines how safe it is to show up as yourself.

When the Solar Plexus is balanced you find it easy to show up as yourself, take logical steps forward in your life & are able to tap into your willpower to make things happen. It’s a very sophisticated energy that helps you flow in the direction you want with confidence in who you are.


When there are imbalances in this Chakra, it can be hard to show people who you truly are, you might feel afraid of going against your culture or familial norms & may feel a lack of motivation or love for your life. These imbalances can keep you stuck, feeling Helpless...

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Understanding the Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra in the traditional 7 Chakra System & is the energetic center of your Creative & Sexual Energy. This powerful center develops between 6 mo- 2 years and helps you to create awareness about what brings you pleasure, how to tap into your creative abilities & your emotional body.

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced and flowing it allows you to feel vibrant & playful in the way you show up in the world & supports the ability to create the life you want with ease & joy. This center is heavily connected to your emotional body therefor it helps to develop your “gut instincts” by strengthening your inner guidance through the ability to easily identify what feels good.


When the Sacral Chakra is blocked you will find it hard to tap into this Creative Energy & can notice a lack of pleasure in your life. This could mean that you find it hard to dream...

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Understanding the Root Chakra

When I started working with the Emotion Code one of the first questions I muscle tested was “Can we measure the Chakras??” Of course the answer was “YES” because energy (duh) which led me down a serious rabbit hole to test every chakra and clear them regularly for myself and any unsuspecting soul who would let me test them! Fast forward to now and they are still just as fascinating as ever. Think about how amazing it is to know what each chakra does and then being able to know the exact emotions and experiences that have been blocking it… POWERFUL right?

Because it’s such amazing insight I wanted to do a mini blog series on how each Chakra impacts you in the work of Spiritual Growth & Re-writing Your Limiting Beliefs. Who couldn’t use a bit more clarity and insight into why you do what you do?


The Root Chakra is the first chakra in the system of 7 Chakras we are all familiar with. It really lays the...

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