Understanding the Throat Chakra

Oct 04, 2020


The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra in the 7 System Chakra System. Sitting right above the Heart Chakra in the Throat area it is the first of the Upper Chakras. This powerhouse governs your ability to creatively express yourself through pure communication. When you hear people refer to “Speaking Your Truth” this is the Chakra that is in charge of that.

When your Throat Chakra is balanced you will find it easy to communicate to yourself and others what you want from life, how you view life & the vision you have for yourself. When the Throat Chakra is in balance it is much easier to speak the things you want into creation. Meaning that Manifesting is directly tied to how you use your Throat Chakra. The more clearly you “speak” up about what you want the easier it will be to call it in.


When there are imbalances in the Throat Chakra you may notice that you have trouble making decisions, expressing yourself or are holding onto the belief that you won’t get what you want from life. Imbalances can also lead to behaviors such as gossiping or emotional congestion that draw you further away from speaking your truth.

Because of these imbalances, you may physically notice Throat related health issues such as: sore throats, thyroid issues, teeth/jaw problems or fear of speaking.

Let’s look at a couple ways this can show up in your everyday life.


This is probably the most common of the Throat Chakra Issues and it can develop very early in life. When we feel safe using our voice to hold space in the world, we speak with confidence and are not concerned if other’s don’t agree. However, if you grew up in a household that didn’t feel safe to speak up/disagree OR if your family valued harmony above anything then this Chakra could be impacted.

Growing up in home that had strict rules for how people should behave tends to put a lid on how comfortable you feel voicing your opinions. This could range from growing up in a religious family that didn’t share your personal views, an emotionally strict family that valued rationality over emotions or even a home where you were only allowed to be seen and not heard.

What tends to happen is that very early on you decide what is SAFE to say in order to avoid punishment or criticism. Think of it like wearing a mask from the time you are little so that you fit in and feel safe (ties into Root Chakra issues too.) As you get older, you typically keep up this way of using Your Throat Chakra because you start to lose what YOUR truth actually is. It gets buried under years of conditioning.

The Throat Chakra is one of the most sensitive Chakras when it comes to letting you know that is unhappy.

Typical Throat Chakra warning bells include….

  • Sore Throats or Tonsil Issues
  • Tightness in your Throat when you have to speak up or someone is saying something that you don’t agree with
  • Thyroid or Teeth/Jaw Issues
  • Fear of having to Speak in Public
  • Ear Infections
  • Hearing Issues
  • Asthma


The Throat Chakra is vital when it comes to Manifesting! Think about the connection between being able to state what you want and how the universe perceives that. When you speak from a place of conviction you are creating a vibrational match with the thing you want to call in. Stating it clearly and with conviction is the equivalent of telling the Universe that you intend for this thing to happen because you resonate so deeply with it.

You also get the added impact of having the actual vibrations of the words you speak becoming part of that catalyst. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell everyone, in fact not everyone deserves to hear your truth, but it means that simply being able to voice to yourself what you actually want from life is SO POWERFUL.

One of the harshest things imposed upon us is the silencing of our voice. When your voice is silenced you start to believe that you aren’t worthy of showing up in the world & being heard, that your opinion isn’t valued & you feel that your ability to chose the life you want is being taken from you. Sometimes this is done intentionally to silence people, sometimes its unintentional because that’s how the other person was taught and other times its because you living your life on your terms triggers fears in others who don’t feel strong enough to do the same.


This is one of my favorite Chakras to clear… mainly because I’m so familiar with it. Years of struggling to fully express myself in ways that didn’t always fit in with the role I was playing wreaked havoc on my Throat Chakra. Luckily, this Chakra can respond quickly to releasing blocks tho!

One of the best ways to start this work is to look at what beliefs about yourself and your life that you hold that aren’t in line with who you are… and then start shifting those. Make changes and speak up for what you actually feel aligned with. Sometimes you may not know exactly what your opinion or viewpoint is and it’s OK to say that too! Not having an opinion because you are weighing options is completely normal when you start doing this work! Just saying that gives you breathing room to choose.

Start noticing when your Throat gets tight… is it around certain people, situations or experiences? These are tell tale signs that something is not in alignment so dig in and see what it is.

The Throat is a vibrational tool so singing and music are it’s Love Language! The more singing or chanting you can do the better. It will help to unblock stuck energy and when you find those songs that just speak to you, your Throat Chakra will really begin to resonate … think of it as Music Therapy.

Energy Clearing is always an amazing option. During sessions I find that the Throat Chakra holds so many beliefs that we created around what other people thought of us or expected of us. It also holds ALOT of emotion from other people… it basically acts like a sponge for communicating what other’s want us to say!

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Throat Chakra Color: Blue
Frequency: 639-741Hz 
Toning Chant: HAM
Area: Neck, Ears, Jaws, Teeth, Mouth, Trachea, Vocal Cords, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Cervical Vertebrae, Esophagus, Upper Shoulders, Throat, Tonsils


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