Frequency 101: Understanding Your Frequency & Vibration

If you are new to Frequency or just want refresher on the Ancient Solfeggio Scales, this is a great place to start! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Frequency!

What do we mean by Frequency?

Frequency is the measurement of your body’s vibration. Because you are made of energy you are constantly vibrating. You have a physical vibration and a subtle body vibration. The physical body’s vibration can tell you if you are in a healthy range physically, that is free from illness or dis-ease OR if you are creeping close to a lower vibration that is setting the stage for illness or dis-ease. There have been studies done to test the healthy range of the body which is between 62-72 Hz. Anything that goes below 62 Hz begins to set the stage for a lowered immune system and potential for illness or dis-ease.

In our work, we measure the Subtle Body’s vibration. This is much higher than that of the physical body and reflects a much broader picture of where...

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6 Ways to Raise Your Frequency : Raising Your Vibration

6 Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus (and what you can do to shift it)

Frequency is pretty much the Holy Grail when it comes to healing, spiritual work, using your intuitive gifts… I could go on and on because your ability to hold a higher frequency translates into how good you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s also a tangible number that can be muscle tested to tell you exactly where you stand at any given moment (we check this in the Free Facebook Group Weekly: AUGUST KNOX NOMAD GROUP)

So what happens when you hit a plateau in how high your frequency can go? Are you doomed to stay there just because you’ve been stuck there for the past 6 months or are you feeling discouraged because you haven’t gotten it as high as you want? Fortunately, increasing your capacity to hold a higher frequency is not hard & is something that you can shift quickly with a little intention & awareness.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Most Common Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus:

#1 Your Story Needs Healing

This is by...

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