Frequency 101: Understanding Your Frequency & Vibration

Oct 04, 2020

If you are new to Frequency or just want refresher on the Ancient Solfeggio Scales, this is a great place to start! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Frequency!

What do we mean by Frequency?

Frequency is the measurement of your body’s vibration. Because you are made of energy you are constantly vibrating. You have a physical vibration and a subtle body vibration. The physical body’s vibration can tell you if you are in a healthy range physically, that is free from illness or dis-ease OR if you are creeping close to a lower vibration that is setting the stage for illness or dis-ease. There have been studies done to test the healthy range of the body which is between 62-72 Hz. Anything that goes below 62 Hz begins to set the stage for a lowered immune system and potential for illness or dis-ease.

In our work, we measure the Subtle Body’s vibration. This is much higher than that of the physical body and reflects a much broader picture of where we are at any given time in our healing & spiritual journey.

When we measure this vibration we are checking in to see how closely we are in alignment with our higher selves, if we have emotional baggage that needs resolved or if we are in a phase of expansion. When you start paying attention to your frequency, you start to notice if you have subconscious blocks or trauma that are holding you back.

What are the Ancient Solfeggio Scales?

The Solfeggio Scales are a musical scale that represent Harmony. Vibrations create sound and when those sounds are harmonic, they are in balance. When we measure our own frequency against this scale, we can get an idea of how in harmony we are within ourselves. The higher the number the greater the harmony.

The scales were developed centuries ago when monks noticed that certain notes/tones created meditative and healing qualities in people. They designed their Gregorian Chants to reflect these notes and help people reach a spiritual state while hearing them. When you are listening to or experiencing this harmony within yourself, certain things happen to help you heal, let go and move into greater alignment with your soul.

To Read more about what each Frequency Represents CLICK HERE

What does my Number means?

When I measure frequency, I measure it based on the Solfeggio Scale. Each Tone on the Scale represents where you are at any given time. One day you might be 528 Hz in tune with your heart & energetically healing your DNA and the next you might 623 Hz and working through some roadblocks in your relationships. Your frequency CAN move rapidly depending on how you are feeling and what you are doing, eating or the environment you are in. Your number is a reflection of the vibration you are putting out in the world.

Why is my number not exactly like the Solfeggio Numbers?

Think of the Solfeggio Scale as just that. Its a scale that shows you where you are on your journey. Being between numbers is to be expected. Just like the example above, you might be holding the frequency of 528 Hz solidly, meaning you are able to use the gifts of that frequency (DNA Repair & Miracles) but haven’t quite worked through everything you need to, in order to hold the next on yet.

It’s like climbing an energetic ladder. You go one rung at a time, moving through the old stories, beliefs and feelings that are lower vibrational and you heal them or you process them. Once they have been healed its like you transform that lower energy into higher energy and your frequency goes up so you get to move up a rung on the ladder!

You will find that once you begin to sustain a higher vibration, it will take a lot more to bring it down. Consistency in your work is the only way to continue to climb the ladder and hold the high vibrations.

How do Emotions impact Frequency?

Emotions all have a specific frequency. Negative Emotions have very low frequencies because they are not in harmony with your soul/energy. They are meant to be uncomfortable so that you deal with them.

Positive Emotions are high frequency. These are aligned states of being and help to increase your frequency.

In sessions, we work on releasing those trapped emotions that are causing your energy to stay stuck in a lower vibration.

What if I’m STUCK at a particular number?

This happens when you have a belief or emotional baggage that HAS to be dealt with. This is your energy trying to get your attention. You can’t hold those low vibrational beliefs in your body and expect to climb the ladder. This is why the Emotion Code is so incredible. In sessions, we identify exactly what is holding it down and we release it and then you know exactly what to focus on to increase your frequency from there.

What about Frequency Music?

Frequency Music is a gift! It can be used to help you move through a particular issue or block you are experiencing or help you raise your frequency to new levels.

When you are experiencing a block, consult the Solfeggio Scales to see which tone is the support you need. For instance, if you are having trouble moving through Fear you know 396 Hz will help you release that. Even if your frequency is higher than that, you can use it to shift that area in your field that might be experiencing Fear. It will not lower your frequency but instead, it will release anything that might be vibrating in tune with Fear or Guilt. Its like cleaning your energy field by allowing the music to go directly to the source of the low vibration!

You can also use it to help you increase your Frequency. If you are moving towards a higher Frequency, select the next Tone up from you and play that music to help you attune and align with the frequency. For instance, if you are at 568 Hz, select 639 Hz to help shift you upwards!

How can I feel crappy & still hold a High Frequency?

Negative emotions aren’t bad for you. They don’t feel good necessarily, but they are guideposts on your journey when something isn’t aligned. When we ignore them or push them down, we lower our frequency because they go NOWHERE! But, when you have those feelings and you honor them and give them time to be felt, then they don’t get stuck and impact your frequency. They are just a river moving some emotional debris, instead of a log jam.

What is the best way to increase my Frequency?

Energy Work, Self Awareness and Consistency.

Energy Work helps you release those imbalances and stories you hold that are not true to who you really are. There are many forms of Energy Work and you will usually find that it takes a combination to make sure you fully meet the needs of your Mindy, Body and Spirit.

Self Awareness is about beginning to see yourself, your actions and your story with clarity. This is about taking responsibility for what you want in life and actively choosing to do what it takes to make it happen. It can look like healing, action, journaling, meditating or anything that helps you stop projecting outwards and begin to take ownership.

Consistency is key. Wanting a high frequency is a great goal but wanting it without any action will not get you to the top. It takes commitment to yourself to show up each day and do the work of honoring your Mind, Body & Spirit. Truth is, we all have enough time to do the work. It doesn’t haven’t to be anything outside of yourself or anything extra to your already busy schedule. Start with intention and modify one area at a time to be more aligned and honoring to yourself and you will get there before you know it.

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