Healing Ancestral & Past Life Energies

Oct 04, 2020

Your frequency is a snapshot of what your are feeling & believing at any given point in time. Some of the feelings you may be aware of & others might be low key running in the background like a fog that moves every time you go to look at it. We talk a lot about our own personal emotions in the group August Knox Nomad, but what about other kinds of low vibrational energies that might be holding your frequency back?

Picking up where we left off with the post “6 Reasons Your Frequency Plateaus,” let’s dig into some of the ways we can clear low frequencies through Ancestral Wounds & Past Life Karma. These 2 areas can potentially impact all of us as we go about our life and they can contribute to that feeling of knowing something is “right there” but every time you go to look, it moves out of sight. Working with these 2 types of energies can help you shift your frequency & move closer into alignment with who you truly are.


These are the energetic imprints that get passed down through family lines because of the experiences, beliefs & unprocessed emotions of your ancestors. Essentially, your ancestor experiences something traumatic, let’s say the loss of a parent, and because they didn’t have the tools or it wasn’t safe to process their experience, they never fully let go of that vibration of Grief.

As their Grief grows, they form beliefs & fears around the experience and this changes their energy & potentially impacts their DNA. This could mean that further down the line, you, as an ancestor, inherit these energetic imprints and may carry a heaviness in your heart that you can never quite understand. Energetically you become tied to your ancestor through their feelings. Their story is carried in your body, your energy & your cellular memory. This forms a connection to the past and when the past is unhealed that low vibration can be energetically present in your life because of this connection.

Just like a snowball rolling downhill, the longer it gets passed down without someone healing it, the more energy it picks up and the stronger the pattern becomes down the line. This means that an ancestor who experienced this 12 generations ago could be impacting your vibration and YOU may be the first ancestor who has the awareness to heal it. There are also those of us who CHOOSE to do this work for our lineage. As an act of love, we show up to do what others could not.

Clearing Ancestral Wounds is really a 2 part process in my work. First we can release the Inherited Emotions that have been passed down in your DNA. These are the low frequency emotions that you’re holding onto for your Ancestor. Releasing them is simple & the beauty is that it releases it all the way up your line, so everyone gets healing. Sometimes, an ancestor will also “step forward” during a session because they need their own emotions released in order fully release the wound from everyone. Because energy can’t be destroyed, this is entirely possible & incredible to experience. This is the resolution that they needed but were not able to get in their lifetime.

The second part is awareness. Identifying the Emotions, Beliefs or Impact its had on you is HUGE! Then, its up to you to see how it’s playing out in your own beliefs and day to day experience so you can change it into something more positive. Sometimes this is as easy as just releasing and being aware. The low vibes will just simply fall away. If the ancestral wound had a bigger impact on your family in the way of creating self protective beliefs, limiting beliefs etc., you may have to work on how they’ve been playing out in your own beliefs and work to change them.

For the most part, when we do any type of Ancestral clearing, your family members tend to be present. Sometimes they are obvious and will show up asking for what they need, providing information to support you or just to be present and support the work. Other times they are more subdued and can stay in the background observing but not necessarily interacting.

This type of work is helpful if you’ve noticed repeating patterns or experiences that seem to keep playing out in your family, if you have familial beliefs that you want to break or if you are interested in healing deeper layers of your energy. Healing these wounds tends to cut the low frequency energy that is affecting a lineage & can have a positive effect on future generations and other family members who also carry parts of the ancestral wound.


Because energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, your experiences from other life times are still held within your energy. If you have low vibrational beliefs, experiences or feelings from other lives that have not been resolved, they are being felt by you energetically, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.

Similar to Ancestral Wounds, these low frequencies from other lives are “running in the background” causing some level of discord in your energy body. This means that until the low vibrations are released, you will have these energetic anchors in your field & not able to reach your full capacity in your frequency.

One of the ways that past life energy can show up is when an unhealed experience triggers a similar situation in your present life. So for instance, say you were a farmer in a past life who experienced a drought or famine and weren’t able to feed your family. Maybe you had to ask for the help of others or maybe you had a family member die from starvation. If you weren’t able to heal the experience in that life, you might still be carrying some of the emotional wounds in your energy field.

In this life it might show up as being overweight or feeling dis-empowered. You might overeat in order to make sure you never starve again. Or, you may have trouble reaching your goals and feel like you just aren’t “smart enough or strong enough” because in that life, you were so helpless.

All the while, you have no idea why you can’t break these patterns & you probably can’t understand why they are problems in the first place. When you don’t have a frame of reference in this life, it can be difficult to understand WHY the pattern is happening and HOW to break it.

But that’s the beauty of energy work. These patterns & experiences that are still affecting you can be identified, healed & released in order to make room for a much more empowering belief. In order to change what’s held in your energy field you have to release the low vibrations (emotions, traumas, beliefs etc) and make SPACE for newer ones to come in. Sometimes its not as simple as wanting to have a more empowered belief, you have to actually release the triggers that are holding the old one in place. This creates space for you to choose how you want to respond in the moment without being triggered by a bunch of old emotions that are firing off all the warning signs.

Both of these areas are so powerful to work with in a session. They can give you so much clarity and relief on any area of your life that you feel stuck in. You don’t even have to know where the block is coming from because your subconscious already knows, even when your conscious mind is clueless! Just like the Ancestral Work, images or information can also come through in this type of work to help clarify what you were experiencing a little bit more. I’m always happy to share when that happens!

If you want to dig further into your Own Energetic Blocks I would love to work with you in a Session! SCHEDULE HERE


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