Energy Vampires in Your Throat Chakra

Jul 15, 2021

I was thinking about this the other day...

How many years we spend thinking our voice is our voice, but it's really a collection of voices and thoughts and fears that have been projected onto us over the years. A sort of collection of things other people wanted us to say or believe and things that they never had the courage to say themselves. 

And we can waste a lot of time believing those things are "our truth." When in reality, they have nothing to do with who we really are.

The Throat Chakra is probably my favorite of the chakras, only because I had to do the most amount of healing here and when I did, it was the most liberation I had ever felt. 

This is the energy center where we start to claim our own truth. It's where we say "I am this and I'm not that." A kind of declaration to the Universe of who we are.

It's also the energy center that creates everything we experience in life. When we speak from who we truly are, we create things that are aligned and good for us. 

But... something I also noticed the more I got clear on what my truth was and started weeding out what didn't belong to me, was how many people would project their energy onto my Throat Chakra and try to get me to say what they were too afraid to say. 

I would notice it as this feeling of "knowing" what they wanted to hear and then this energy of them expecting or trying to get me to say it.

You see, when you start to find your own voice, people who are still blocked here, will notice it and they will start to try and impose on it. 

People who feel threatened by your truth will also do the same thing, so it's really important to be aware of it, otherwise you might think it's yours!

Usually you will notice an Energy Vampire in one of these ways:


Here are some simple steps you can use to check in with yourself when you are around someone who is projecting onto your Throat Chakra

One of the ways that I strengthened my own Throat Chakra and released years of other people's beliefs, fears & thoughts was through energy clearing. If you are new to it, it's a way to energetically clear what is being held in this chakra so that you can create a new foundation to get to know yourself & your own voice. 

If you want to learn more you can check out the video here:

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