One Day You May Have to Figure Out Who You Are


There may be a day where you start to realize that you don't know who you are anymore.

A day where you don't know what it is that makes you happy or what you are here to do. 

One of those days where you feel lost & aren't really sure where to even start or what will help. 

These are the days where I think we tend to lose a little of our hope. 

Not realizing, that we've actually come to a point where, who we were, has been outgrown and who we are becoming is just not known yet. They are actually the days where we get to CHOOSE AGAIN who we want to be but sometimes we are so overwhelmed with all the possibilities that we feel frozen in place. 

As if we only get one chance to make this decision and not a hundred chances. 

The first time this happens can be the trickiest, because most our life we've grown up believing we were what everyone else told us we were or mirrored back to us. So, being able to choose again is a daunting task that we don't...

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