Using Divine Feminine Archetypes in Everyday Life


What would it feel like for YOU to really tap into the Feminine Qualities that make you, your most powerful? To see your strengths and really be able to appreciate the amazing woman that you are? We spend a large part of our life being molded & conformed to other people’s emotional trauma and pain. Fitting into their little box of safety so we don’t trigger everyone. If you’re here reading this you know that way of living doesn’t work anymore. It’s soul crushing. Not soul expanding. We need Expansion. We inherently deserve expansion.

Feminine Energy is this really amazing energy. It creates, nurtures, protects & has the ability to show strength while being concerned for the whole. It’s single desire is for everyone’s soul to be able to birth it’s dreams. To feel fulfilled. All women are capable of tapping into these incredible qualities and by breaking down the different Feminine Archetypes we all carry we...

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Using Feminine & Masculine Energy to Manifest

Oh, sweet, sweet Balance

There’s a special type of power that comes from finding the perfect balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy when you are Manifesting.  It’s the ability to create & put it out into the world & simultaneously ask for what you need in return. The ease that comes from this type of balance is from being able to tap into the magic of both energies & harness them to create what you want.

This is one of those AMAZING insights your Subconscious can give with muscle testing on how WELL you are using energy to Manifest. Ideally we want a balance of 50% Feminine & 50% Masculine Energy to be able to create what we want. A lot of times though, we are using one energy more than the other or we have a combination of these energies plus Undirected Energy. That Undirected Energy is energy that needs channeled into the appropriate form, otherwise its just a bunch of chaotic energy messing with our manifesting and throwing the Feminine &...

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