Using Feminine & Masculine Energy to Manifest

Oct 03, 2020

Oh, sweet, sweet Balance

There’s a special type of power that comes from finding the perfect balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy when you are Manifesting.  It’s the ability to create & put it out into the world & simultaneously ask for what you need in return. The ease that comes from this type of balance is from being able to tap into the magic of both energies & harness them to create what you want.

This is one of those AMAZING insights your Subconscious can give with muscle testing on how WELL you are using energy to Manifest. Ideally we want a balance of 50% Feminine & 50% Masculine Energy to be able to create what we want. A lot of times though, we are using one energy more than the other or we have a combination of these energies plus Undirected Energy. That Undirected Energy is energy that needs channeled into the appropriate form, otherwise its just a bunch of chaotic energy messing with our manifesting and throwing the Feminine & Masculine out of whack.

Let’s break down these different types of Energies  to understand them a little better when it comes to Feminine Manifesting.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy is a very Intuitive flowing energy. It is the energy that wants to create and nurture. Don’t mistake this energy for weak tho… it’s quite the opposite. This energy has the ability to persist when it wants something. It can continue to nurture an idea or a dream while it grows into something sustainable and is one of the reasons that so many woman start their own businesses. This is the energy of Birth & Creation. This energy also focuses on how to reach your dream while keeping a Holistic mindset. It loves to form connections and plays up it’s strength of listening to reach it’s dreams.

This is also the energy of Receiving and blocks in this energy often contribute to delays in getting what we desire when it is not operating freely. Have you ever had a moment where someone wanted to do something for you for free or gave you a compliment and you felt uncomfortable? These are minor indicators that you are blocking this energy by not Receiving those good things into your life. Feminine Energy requires a balance of Allowing & Receiving. It is also important for Feminine Energy to allow itself to be Supported by Masculine Energy when it needs to be more Assertive in what it wants. Let’s take a look at the Masculine Energy for a clearer idea.

Masculine Energy

Masculine Energy tends to get a bad rap today but the energy itself is actually vital to Manifesting and when properly used. It is the energy of knowing you’re worth and asking for what you want without apology. Powerful huh? This is also the energy of Doing & Action. It can be the very physical aspect of doing what you need to do in order to make things happen. It’s an energy that aligns with Determination and Rational thinking. It’s a powerful tool for bringing your dream into reality by utilizing it to get clarity on the steps you need to take to reach your goal. One thing I love about this energy is that it’s Assertive and when used properly it’s the energy you tap into when you need to ask for that raise, charge what your worth or stand up for yourself.


Undirected Energy

Undirected Energy is like the ill behaved step-child of energy. It’s unruly, it will tear your house down, keep you distracted from your goals and basically cause all manner of chaos in your life! Energy has to be directed in order to be productive. It can’t be left unattended at the library or it will find a way to burn the joint down! This type of energy occurs when we have Trapped Emotions, Energetic Wounding or Lessons still left to learn. It highly correlates to which of the 3 Major Blocks you are dealing with & is the Manifesting Equivalent of leaving Money on the table! This type of misguided energy is easy to muscle test for what type of clarity or release it is needing and can be guided back into the Feminine & Masculine energy forms fairly easily once its identified.


Manifest Like a Boss

By now you’ve been reading up on the previous posts about getting Clarity, Blocks & Fears and how to Identify and use those things to re-write your Money Mindset. Now it’s time to tune into these powerful sources of Energy you possess and see how it looks to use this balanced power in real life to Manifest.

First Up

Once you’ve cleared the way by releasing your blocks and getting clear on what you want it’s time to start diving into your Feminine Energy to begin Creating the Dream you want. Feminine Energy is the tool for this. This is the process of trusting your intuition to show you images or feelings of what you want. Trust this! Get into that Feminine Flow and really take your time examining all the possibilities big and small that your intuition will show you. Once you’ve got an idea formed (partially is ok!) then it’s time to nurture it. This is the part of the process where you Visualize consistently (16 seconds right!) what is you want and take steps to allow it to grow. The growth can take the form of making networking connections, learning, collaborating or even being patient and watching for opportunities.

Once your Idea has roots then it’s time to turn up the Masculine Energy. This is the part of the process that is less about Thinking and more about Doing. This is the ACTION you will take in the physical world to bring it over from the metaphysical world. This can look like a business plan, pitching your idea, putting yourself out there and selling others on your vision & most definitely the Energy of Asking for What You’re Worth. It’s also the energy that a lot of women won’t step foot in because it can feel “too masculine.” This energy is not about force or aggression in the negative way. This energy is about being Bold and really Believing in yourself and your dream. This part is about truly finding yourself worthy of EVERYTHING you dream of. We can dream all we want but if we don’t match this very physical energy to the dream it will never be created fully.

A key thing to remember is that you can be using both energies simultaneously or you can switch back and forth. Pay attention to what each situation is asking for and tap into the energy that will get you where you need to go. Experiment. Fail. Get Back Up. Win. It’s not going to be a straight line because there will be many things you need to clear and learn along the way but it also doesn’t have to be a struggle. There is no end game and you are allowed to upgrade your dreams or change them at any time, but you must NEVER downgrade them out of fear. If the fear of not reaching your dream creeps in, then make steps. Manageable steps can help you confirm what you feel ready for today while working towards what you dream of for tomorrow with the benefit of not overwhelming you or triggering unworthiness in you. You can be discouraged but feel it and let it pass. Try to find the Fun in this and the Joy for the Journey will be sure to Follow.

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