Frustration is Just a Cover

Notice lately how much harder it’s been to move ahead in life? The energy of this past month has triggered a lot of Frustration & Rejection in our mindsets and for good reason. It’s trying to get you to look at the bigger picture. It’s telling you to stop getting in your own way. To find new tools, to let yourself be vulnerable and yes, to even ask for help. 

Sounds easy but it most definitely isn’t. The problem with finding out our old tools don’t work is that we usually haven’t created new ones so we are left a bit stranded and confused. We know we need to move forward but we have no idea how and the ways we used to trudge ahead no longer work… like at all! 

Enter the major Emotion of this part in your Journey… Frustration.  Yuck, right? No one wants to feel that when it comes to Love, Family or Money. It is really just the epitome of everything we DON’T want to feel. So let’s re-write that....

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