Frustration is Just a Cover

Oct 04, 2020

Notice lately how much harder it’s been to move ahead in life? The energy of this past month has triggered a lot of Frustration & Rejection in our mindsets and for good reason. It’s trying to get you to look at the bigger picture. It’s telling you to stop getting in your own way. To find new tools, to let yourself be vulnerable and yes, to even ask for help. 

Sounds easy but it most definitely isn’t. The problem with finding out our old tools don’t work is that we usually haven’t created new ones so we are left a bit stranded and confused. We know we need to move forward but we have no idea how and the ways we used to trudge ahead no longer work… like at all! 

Enter the major Emotion of this part in your Journey… Frustration.  Yuck, right? No one wants to feel that when it comes to Love, Family or Money. It is really just the epitome of everything we DON’T want to feel. So let’s re-write that. Let’s build some new tools and new ways of looking at this feeling so you can get results without feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders alone. 


Frustration is a sneaky emotion. It’s almost always a secondary emotion that you PREFER to feel in place of what you are really feeling. Follow me? Say for instance you are trying to grow your business. You love your business, you’re devoted to it, you spend every moment thinking and stressing about it but it’s not bringing home the bacon. So you start to feel Frustrated. Frustrated nothing ever works, Frustrated things aren’t easier, Frustrated you can’t seem to make it move from the trenches into the Big League. Underneath that Frustration though is typically an emotion much stronger that you are afraid to actually acknowledge. Maybe when you dig a bit deeper you realize you have Self Doubt (go on Type A’s admit it!), Unworthiness or feel Unsupported and because you don’t want to acknowledge how weak those emotions make you feel you settle for the safer feeling of Frustration.

Frustration is less about you and who you are like the other emotions. Frustrations is usually aimed outward at the world at large, at your clients, at your family etc. Being stuck in this emotion is like being in a fog. It will keep you distracted from the real work that needs to be done because it will keep your eyes off of the feelings of weakness that you don’t want to acknowledge. The only real “cure” for Frustration is CLARITY. 

Clarity is the ability for you to look at what is truly going on and address the root cause. We all feel Unworthy or Afraid at times. It’s not an indicator of your abilities. It’s an indicator of what your soul is needing you to confirm. That you DESERVE Success, You BELONG at the Wealth Table, You are WORTHY  of Love for simply being human. We have to stop masking our fears. We have to address them, shine love on them & allow others to see our vulnerable spots so they can support us as we strengthen them. You are not in this alone. 


Put down the old pitchfork and pick up a new tool.

The easiest way to move through this emotion is to get to the root. Think of a situation in your life that makes you feel Frustrated. Maybe every time you are around family they trigger you and you get enormously Frustrated by the way they behave. Allow yourself to feel the Frustration but let your heart bring up what’s beneath it. Maybe what’s really coming up for you is feeling separated from your family. Maybe you feel like you don’t really belong so what’s under the surface is not feeling Accepted. That emotion feels much heavier than Frustration right? This is where you want to go. To the root. 

Now that you have Clarity on what is really triggering you, you can start to dig on When this emotion started, How it’s triggered & Look for Ways to work through it. Say you start digging and now you realize you don’t feel Accepted because no one ever asks about your life. This gives you a choice. You can either begin to share more about your life (maybe you’ve been holding back), you can chose to keep your life more private or you may even realize this feeling stems from older issues and call in Energy Work to help you release the old Emotions. The point is, once you KNOW you have a CHOICE. It moves you away from being a Victim and into being in charge of your Life and your Energy. 

Once you gather that power back you will start moving ahead more easily. If you stay stuck in Frustration you will continuously be confused by that fog but if you can get clear on what is really underneath you will get to know yourself better and be capable of meeting your own Emotional Needs. 

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