Empaths: How to Protect Your Energy

Ever feel drained by a person or experience? Or maybe you feel exhausted even thinking about having to deal with a particular situation in your life?

With all of the planetary and energetic changes the Earth is experiencing right now it’s crucial to have tools that help you call back your energy so you can identify instantly what energetic connections area supporting you and which are draining you.

Your ability to nurture, direct and protect your energy is directly related to how you experience life. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to manage that better!

Imagine you were given this glass bowl full of different colored sparkling marbles. Now imagine that all of these marbles represent pieces of your energy. You have complete control over these marbles. You can give these marbles away to anyone or situation you want. You are in control.

Now let’s say your rotten terrible sister in law who looks like a dragon comes over to celebrate your kid’s birthday. While...

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