Empaths: How to Protect Your Energy

Oct 04, 2020

Ever feel drained by a person or experience? Or maybe you feel exhausted even thinking about having to deal with a particular situation in your life?

With all of the planetary and energetic changes the Earth is experiencing right now it’s crucial to have tools that help you call back your energy so you can identify instantly what energetic connections area supporting you and which are draining you.

Your ability to nurture, direct and protect your energy is directly related to how you experience life. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to manage that better!

Imagine you were given this glass bowl full of different colored sparkling marbles. Now imagine that all of these marbles represent pieces of your energy. You have complete control over these marbles. You can give these marbles away to anyone or situation you want. You are in control.

Now let’s say your rotten terrible sister in law who looks like a dragon comes over to celebrate your kid’s birthday. While she’s in your home you are on edge and trying not to say things that will trigger her into going Godzilla on you. She insults your home in an off handed way and you instantly tighten up inside but because it’s your kid’s day you ignore her comment. Energetically you also hand her one of your marbles. Say this type of behavior goes on for years and every time you feel the sting of her words you energetically hand her one of your marbles. You cringe whenever you have to get together at family events, you curse her monstrous attitude in private (hand her another marble) and you confront or avoid her for years but you never can quite shake how terrible she makes you feel (she is a dragon after all!) Every single time, you hand her a marble of your energy and you allow yourself to be energetically influenced and drained by her. She is holding your own personal energy in her reptile hands and draining your energy without giving you anything in return. You are stuck in this place because you simply never thought to call it back. It’s time to call it back. 

Our Energy reacts instantly to how we feel. The two are so intertwined that it’s impossible to have command of one without having command of the other. This requires us to be MINDFUL. We have to be aware of how we are feeling versus how we want to feel and take action to correct the imbalance. 

Now let’s say you have a spouse that just hung the moon. They are supportive and caring and tell you every day how much they love your face. Energetically you are going to respond by sending that marble over. BUT this time they send one of their marbles over too! This feels much different than Godzilla Sister in Law because when they send that energy over you create this cord of energy that circulates back and forth between the two of you. This healthy cord of energy now supports & encourages both of you because the intention behind it was filled with LOVE. 

We can throw our marbles of energy into many things, people, places, feelings, patterns, events, and even spirits. Fortunately it’s easy to call back our Marbles of Energy and identify which Cords are supporting us and which are draining us. 

Let’s walk through how to do this.

  1. Close your eyes and really take your time to get in that place of a great meditative state. Deep breaths… 4 counts in and 4 counts out to help your body balance.
  2. Imagine you are standing on top of a hill. Whether you see yourself from within your body or without is completely up to your subconscious and what feels easiest.
  3. With your Intuition you will begin to scan your body for strands connected to it. Some will be bright and lit up while other’s will be dull. Spend as much time as you want looking at the thickness and brightness of these strands. The thicker a strand the more energy being sent and the duller a strand the more it is draining you. 
  4. Follow the dull strands and see where they lead. Is it to a person? A place? A behavior? An Experience?
  5. Allow your Intuition to remove the cord. This could mean cutting it, dissolving it, pulling it off. However your subconscious choses to remove it is fine. 
  6. Now imagine all of your Marbles of Energy connected to that cord being called back. Envision them as balls of light coming back to you and joining your energy source. 

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to. You can follow the Bright Cords to see who or what is supporting you, you can play around with ways to dissolve cords. Allow yourself the freedom to trust your own Intuition to do what needs to be done to call your energy back and sever any cords that don’t support you and are draining you. Your Intuition is completely capable of helping you see and heal these energetic drains. Trust it. Add to it. Make this process something that you inherently do because you made it your own. Do it daily, hourly, weekly, whatever feels right for you. Just call you Energy back from Godzilla at the very least. 

When you call your energy back you are strengthening your field. You no longer have these gaps in your energy that are being influenced by people and things outside of yourself. When you do that you are more capable of standing in your own truth and in turn your energy is able to protect you more. It will also help your energy to respond more instinctively to what you want and what serves you. With all of the planetary changes that are coming this Fall it’s super important to be able to protect your Energy from other’s who are not giving you anything in return. #nomoremarblesgodzilla




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