What does it mean to "Do the Work?"

I had this question asked of me yesterday and I thought

"Wow, this really is such a good question!"

And, one that years ago when I first started on this path of healing, I remember asking too. So, I wanted to share what it means to me and some every day ways that you are probably already "doing the work."

To me, "doing the work" means that I'm no longer going throughout my day letting my old stories, wounds & pain lead me. I'm being more intentional about the thoughts I think, the ways I speak to myself & how I'm feeling. 

Instead of pushing through or showing up like a wounded animal who's afraid they won't be loved or taken care of, I show up knowing it's my responsibility and privilege to be in charge of my healing and life. 

"Doing the work" is simply that moment where you switch from being unconsciously led by your wounds and limiting thoughts to CHOOSING what you want to see happen in your life, how you want to feel & honoring everything that...

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