What Are the Ancient Solfeggio Scales: Understanding Frequency

Oct 04, 2020
The Solfeggio Scales are a musical scale that represent Harmony. Vibrations create sound and when those sounds are harmonic, they are in balance. When we measure our own frequency against the scale, we can get can get an idea of how in harmony we are within ourselves.

The Solfeggio Scales are a musical scale that represent Harmony. Vibrations create sound and when those sounds are harmonic, they are in balance. When we measure our own frequency against this scale, we can get an idea of how in harmony we are within ourselves.

The scales were developed centuries ago when monks noticed that certain notes/tones created meditative and healing qualities in people. They designed their Gregorian Chants to reflect these notes and help people reach a spiritual state while hearing them. When you are listening to or experiencing this harmony within yourself, certain things happen to help you heal, let go and move into greater alignment with your soul.

Below are the notes of the Solfeggio Scale and what each frequency does:

396Hz- UT: This is the first note on the scale and also the first step in healing or growing. This tone helps you to release guilt and fear, as well help you transform grief into joy. This is what I consider the first step in any healing or spiritual path. You have to first let go of some of that shame/guilt that has been holding you down, choose to embrace courage through the fear and believe that Joy/Happiness is possible.

When you are vibrating at this frequency, you are typically very new into your journey and trying to decide if you are really going to show up and do the work. You may notice moments of wanting to play the victim or give into your old fears and stories and when those creep in its important to reach for tools. Those could be music at this Frequency to help you shift those fears, healing modalities (why I love the Emotion Code) or other modalities that will help you shift those feelings.

417 Hz- RE: This note helps you to undo traumatic experiences & beliefs and to facilitate change on the cellular level. After you’ve chosen to start let go of your fears and guilt, you need to let go of the situations and the stories that surround them. This creates those energetic shifts within your cellular memory, to let go of the pain. This is where you begin to re-write the story you hold in your energy field and body.

When you begin to re-write your cellular memory, you begin to heal at a much deeper level. You may notice in this phase you feel better emotionally and physically but it could also bring to light how many limiting beliefs or emotional experiences you hold that need healed. Its important here to not be discouraged. Those feelings, pains & fear have been there in your energy whether you were aware or not. Even if this might not feel good at the time, this is a big deal to start seeing them clearly.

528 Hz- MI: This is where the real magic begins to happen. This frequency resonates with the Heart and when you are vibrating here you are experiencing DNA Repair and things begin to shift in your life in ways that might not have before. For this reason, this frequency is related to Miracles. This frequency opens your heart to heal and helps you connect more clearly with your Intuition & Higher Self.

You may also notice that you begin to have more energy & those lower vibrational emotions are not lasting as long as they used to. Typically in this frequency, you notice that you are changing and growing. You’ve successfully let go of some of your emotional wounds & limiting beliefs and you are beginning to consciously choose what you want to feel and create in this life.

639 Hz FA: This frequency is the vibration of communication, harmony and love. When you advance into this frequency you are able to “communicate” more easily with your environment. This could show up as being able to heal relationships, communicate with others more easily, understand them more readily or it could show up as you communicating with your environment and being able to read the energy more easily so you can access what is aligned with you or not.

741 Hz SOL- This frequency is expressed by empowering your own self expression so that you can solve problems. This vibration, naturally cleanses toxins from your energy and environment allowing you to step into a more empowered version of yourself.

This is the frequency where I find most people begin to find courage in their voice. You begin to share your thoughts, dreams and stories with others in an empowered way. You may still have anxiety stir up BUT you recognize your truth deserves to take up space in the world and you are able to do it in a healthy way.

852 Hz LA: This is the frequency of Awakening. Its where you begin to notice yourself stepping fully into your Intuition as well as returning to Spiritual Order. Using this frequency (in music) or vibrating at this frequency will help you transform at a cellular level to a higher spiritual plane.

In this frequency you will begin to notice that your own Intuitive Abilities begin to strengthen and develop because your vibration has created a clearer channel for them to come through.

936 Hz SI- This is not a traditional Solfeggio Frequency but its important because it follows the harmony of these scales and represents a frequency that helps you return to perfect Spiritual Order. This frequency symbolizes your ability to connect with the Divine/Light and maintain that connection and harmony within yourself.

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