Your Heartwall & Money

Oct 04, 2020

Ahhh the Heartwall!

You know I feel as passionate about releasing the Heartwall as I do about letting go of Money Blocks. The Heartwall is probably the single most important energy work you can do to get back to who you are and what you want to create in life. 

If the Heartwall is new to you feel free to check out Heartwall 101 info HERE and Info on the Heartwall and Heart Chakra HERE to understand the juicy work we are about to do!


The Heartwall short and sweet is your armor against the world. It’s how we self protect the most vulnerable part of ourselves from being broken or injured from life. Think about that piece of yourself that might be buried way down in your safest place, the part of you that still believes in miracles, people, yourself & the beauty in life. This is the part of you that is protected by the Heartwall. This is where we feel most vulnerable & unprotected. 

We create this wall because the idea of this part of ourselves being SEEN and rejected or HEARD and mocked feels like something we might not survive. This is also where your greatest gifts are held. It’s the area we use to protect our greatest gifts, inspiration and access to abundance. 

I know that can be a hard thing to hear sometimes. Especially when you want that financial freedom so badly! Why on earth would you be limiting yourself?? It all comes down to what you are afraid of most. 

I was afraid of being SEEN. My Heartwall was enormous. It was so large that being Type A was actually made easier because the Heartwall numbs out emotions and I stopped fully feeling all the painful ones, both trapped from the past and the ones I was feeling in the present. I was basically on autopilot and trying to manage copious amounts of anxiety as the trapped emotions slipped through and triggered me. I had also hit a road block in my business at the time. I lost all interest in it to be honest. So when I decided to release my Heartwall I just expected to feel better and see an impact in my then business…. I thought I would remember why I loved it again. 


I didn’t. In fact what I realized is how much I didn’t want to do it anymore. Oh and I felt HAPPY. The type of happy you feel when you remember “who” you are and that everything will truly be ok. It didn’t erase all the pains of growing for sure, but it gave me a clean slate and an open heart to start from. It gave me CLARITY. It was like turning the barometer back on being able to see again what I loved and what I hated and be able to FEEL it! 

What I realized was that I wasn’t able to feel the positive emotions to their depth because I was so numbed out. You can’t just numb out the uncomfortable emotions and expect to feel the true intensity of the good ones. We are made to feel them all. 


So how does this affect your Money. It’s a super easy connection. One I think we overlook because of its simplicity. We are our most abundant when we live from that place deep within us in alignment with what we came here to do. Living in connection to your purpose without being blocked by a Heartwall is your most powerful manifesting tool. We often forget that everything in our energy field is ruled by how we “feel.” If we are feeling a shallow depth of positive emotions we won’t know when OUR opportunity walks by because we won’t be capable of emotionally connecting to it. It’s this connection of energy and that “recognition” that amplifies our abundance in all areas of our life. This recognition is what draws more opportunities and resources into your life. If you can operate from a place of the un-protected heart then you will be fine tuned to notice what is meant for you and energetically be attracting it.

Think about having a shield around your heart and how much harder it is to send a signal or frequency out to what you are trying to call in? Think of how much harder it would be to consistently maintain that frequency when you have all these trapped emotions triggering you? Think about how you feel when you are trying to manifest something and all your fears are hounding you? It will make you feel like giving up! It’s miserable!

Releasing the Heartwall is as easy as releasing other trapped emotions and is an incredible feeling. But what do you do after its released?

Once the Heartwall is released what happens is your emotional & physical body take a little time to re-balance. You will have to learn how to feel things to their depth again. It can be an intense experience when you experience say Beauty or Love without any armor on! Your energy will get used to this new norm & it will start to become obvious when things “don’t feel right” because you aren’t truly aligned with them. Remember me not wanting to continue with that old business?

Your work here is to acknowledge what actually feels good to your soul and what doesn’t. Start eliminating what doesn’t. This won’t just be all money related work. It will show up in all the areas of your life that are out of alignment. Baby step through this if you need but just don’t stop here.

Once you start remembering what serves you and what doesn’t you will notice your thoughts and patterns are shifting. This is when you are building these brand new patterns that don’t involve your old blocks. A few old blocks may slip through obviously but you will be more aware so you can release them too. It’s this portion of events that’s so powerful. This is where you are forming alignment. This is where your frequency is stabilizing to a new normal that serves you at a higher level. This is a BIG DEAL! Be very conscious of what is still triggering you and what choices you can make to help you heal through this.

Once you have this new normal kick ass vibration you will most likely start to realize the ways you have been playing small. Your fear patterns will start to become obvious. Maybe you are afraid of letting your family see you as the energy worker, stay at home mom or bad ass business woman you are. Maybe you’ve had trouble voicing when things haven’t felt good to you in the past. This is your invitation. Accept it. Releasing your Heartwall will not make it any less scary but it will give you conviction to make sure your own needs are met and that they aren’t at the behest of others. 

This is when you notice you are willing to speak up for what you want, talk about your dreams and really feel emotionally connected to them. This is a powerful place. Sometimes it simply takes speaking out loud what we want to activate them. Speak, shout, draw, dance…. whatever you need. This is where the magic will start to happen. When you tap in from this place this is where your energetic alignment will start to match your sources of abundance energetic alignment. This work is about creating new patterns. Not mantras you say for one day and then forget. This is life work. It’s about creating a space for you to get back to your perfect blueprint by releasing your fears that keep you trapped.

Once you are able to operate from this heart space you will notice bigger picture things start to change for you. You may have extra checks or gifts pop up along the way but it’s maintaining of this frequency that will the most impactful long term change. This is where your story is re-written and your an open channel for all forms of abundance. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be triggered by money or emotional fears again but you will be more emotionally tuned in to what you need so you will be able to work through them easier and quicker. 

For extra support you can always use the Emotion Code to help you release the other emotions that can pop up while you are healing your money blocks along with other forms of energy work (Reiki, Cranio-Sacral etc.) and Essential Oils. The more support you can provide your emotional and physical body the easier the process will be. 

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