Do I Have a Heartwall?

Oct 02, 2020

So what is a Heartwall?

How do you even Build one?

And how the heck do you send it back from where it came??


If you’ve been following along or are just getting into working with the Emotion Code you’ve probably come across the term “HEARTWALL,” but are wondering why everyone is so excited about it? And how is it any different than a regular Trapped Emotion?

Let me tell you a little story about your amazing Heart. Did you know that your Heart is SO Powerful that its magnetic field can be measured several feet from the body? That the Heart is about 10,0000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the Brain … and it just gets better from here. The Heart actually forms before the Brain in utero & is more powerful in directing our Health & Lifestyle than the Brain. When thoughts of Love are thought in the Brain it will actually light up the Brain of the person receiving them. The magnetic field of the Heart is so powerful that it envelops every cell in our body.

The Heart is also the center of our body that feels Love & Emotions deeply. Our Brain is mainly concerned with “thinking” while our Heart is concerned with “feeling”.  This is why how we feel on a deeper level has such an impact on our life. If we feel, for instance,  like we are Unworthy or Anxious, no matter how hard we try to “think” positive thoughts we will never truly have our Heart on board, until these emotions are released. We basically have the Left (logic side) and Right (feeling side) in a state of conflict preventing us from being able to move forward because we cannot get a consistent Belief to hold onto (i.e. preventing us from manifesting anything.)

Think about the phrase “They died of a Broken Heart.” At this point we all pretty much know someone who has died from one or who we worried about dying from one. This is where the Heartwall is most evident in our daily conversations. Any time the Heart feels threatened & that it might break, it will “reach” for a Trapped Emotion to grab and create an energetic barrier from it… hence the Wall. These tend to be bigger events in our life that cause the wall to form or grow. It’s always intended by our subconscious to be a protection against breaking. It’s built layer by layer over the years and can start at any age, even birth. Each layer is comprised of a single or multiple emotions stacked on each other.

The Heartwall can be muscle tested and measured. For me, I measure in inches because the visual makes sense… so many inches thick around the heart. Your Heart will also pick a material to make it out of. It will be something that your subconscious believes to be safe. Some materials are comforting like the ocean or a stone, materials that bring comfort in your daily life. Others can be materials that imply safety like steel or iron, and yet others can imply that they wanted protection but still wanted to be flexible like a baby blanket or see through plastic. Each person has their own individual material  and size depending on their life story.

These Emotions creating this Wall are released the exact same way as regular emotions, by identifying them and the age and releasing with a magnet. The only difference is that they have to be specifically asked for. Sometimes a person’s subconscious will even say “Nope, No Heartwall Here!” because it can also be Hidden. Those instances just require asking and then “POOF” its out in the open and ready to be released.

Approximately 93% of people DO have a Heartwall & this includes Children. If you have a Heartwall there are  5 Ways it is Affecting Your Life:

To break those down a bit.

  1. Trouble Connecting in Relationships/Friendship: This is when you have trouble communicating in your relationships and being understood. It also can affect your ability to make lasting and meaningful friendships and can leave you feeling isolated and with the feeling that you want to share love with someone but they keep misinterpreting you.
  2. Suppressed Immune System: This is when you constantly feel run down, exhausted, catch colds or have illness that you are dealing with. It can also contribute to allergies or physical pains that you can’t seem to manage.
  3. Lack of Clarity on Your Purpose in Life:  This is a BIG one! Because you have Emotions blocking the most intelligent organ in your body you will not be able to clearly feel or intuit what Your Purpose is in Life. These emotions trapped in the Heartwall will confuse you on your path & create doubt and blocks that will prevent you from moving forward in business and life. It will feel like you know something is keeping you from making these changes but you can’t quite tell what… and it’s FRUSTRATING!
  4. Difficulty Creating Abundance: This goes in line with blocking your Purpose. The most powerful thing you can do in this life is to live the life you came here to live…your purpose. When you are in alignment with your Purpose, Abundance comes easily. When you are blocked from your Purpose it’s like a damn in the river and you will constantly be struggling to make things happen.
  5. Numbing Out/ Trouble Feeling: This is one of the most common ways we experience our Heartwall and don’t even realize it. Numbing out can be an addiction (food, drink exercise, tv, drugs etc), it can be the inability to understand why other people are “so emotional,” and it can be that feeling of knowing you should feel something more intensely but not know how to. This one is painful, especially if it happens later in your life because you remember what those feelings “feel” like but you have trouble experiencing them. It’s a way to not let yourself be hurt again.


What Happens When You Release Them?

Most Adult Heartwalls take about 3-4 session to completely release. You’ve spent a lifetime building it so removing it all at once would send your subconscious into fear overdrive, it needs a few times to get comfortable with less protection in order to release it all. Typically the first session will be the emotions that are triggering you the most at that particular time and are easier to “look at.” By the second and third sessions your body realizes it will not be hurt and is willing to let go of some of the harder emotions with more energy around them.

Once a Heartwall is completely gone your ability to feel positive emotions will become much stronger. When mine was removed I almost didn’t recognize some of the beautiful emotions because it had been so long! So there is a period of rebalancing. Most people feel lighter, like something has been taken off of their chest. They can start to see what their Purpose is and what regular Trapped Emotions or vows are blocking it and work towards healing those parts of their story.

All the pieces of your life will not magically correct themselves, because you still have work to do! But, what will happen is that you will no longer feel the confusion and blocks you used to have. Things will not trigger the fear or panic or unworthiness you used to feel. It’s a way to get back to who you were before Life got in the way. That is worth everything. To be able to look at your life and know what you want and how you want to feel and see how you’ve held yourself back is magical. We came here to live a beautiful life full of amazing experiences, there’s no reason we should settle for anything less.



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