The Heartwall vs. Heart Chakra

Oct 03, 2020

If the Heart Chakra is considered the Empress of the Chakras then the Heartwall is basically the cage you build around it. Energetically you have every intention of keeping it nice and safe inside this cage but all you really do is suffocate it & block it from being able to give you the guidance & joy you need in life.

(More info on the Heartwall HERE)

When it comes to the Chakras, the Heart Chakra is one of the most powerful energies you can tap into to find your purpose, live joyfully & be Divinely Guided. It’s more powerful than the brain and functions solely to help you tap into what you REALLY want from life…. like crystal clear, no doubt about it, life rocks kind of info. This is why it is so important to make sure you’ve released your Heartwall. If you’re familiar with the Heartwall you know that one of the 5 symptoms is Numbing Out Emotions which in turn makes it hard to find your Purpose and therefor missing your greatest sources of Abundance. If you can’t really FEEL emotions then how on earth will you know if the right opportunity just presented itself? The love of your life just said Hello? Or be able to Manifest fully without being able to whole body feel what it is you want?

Lesson of the Day: The HEARTWALL HAS TO GO (Like Yesterday!)

We talk about Frequency a lot in my Facebook Group so I want to break down the Frequency of the Heart Chakra a bit so you understand how to really lean into it and trust it a bit more. This Chakra has a Frequency found on the Ancient Solfeggio Scale of 528hz. Now I have found this can vary slightly per person just depending on your own makeup but that’s the average. At that frequency (vibration) of 528hz the color Green is created. We see it in rainbows all the time. This is exactly why each chakra has a specific color, their individual frequency created that color. Amazing when you think of the individuals who are gifted with seeing auras & chakras and the fact that this is exactly what they’ve been seeing!

The Heart Chakra is also the bridge between the Lower (physical world) Chakras and the Upper (spiritual world) Chakras. It’s duty is to receive divine guidance from your Soul and unite both the physical world & the spiritual world in a way that helps you live out your purpose joyfully. The Heart “thinks” faster than the brain and has it’s own magnetic field making it more intuitive at a soul level. It literally taps into your purpose & assigns your other chakras duties in order to carry it out on both planes.

Enter the Cage. Your heart is the only organ without any type of protection so any time it feels like it might break your subconscious will pull up some Trapped Emotions to build the Heartwall. The more times in your life that you don’t fully process what you are feeling or don’t have the tools to heal, the larger the barrier around your heart will become. The larger it becomes the harder it is to hear what your Heart Chakra is saying. That beautiful, intuitive guidance it taps into is muffled and by default the emotions, both positive and negative become harder to feel. If you numb out the negative you also numb out the positive. When you do that you lose the ease of hearing your own soul. This is when life starts to become more of a struggle and less of a flow.

You are inherently designed to hear this guidance, our Intuition, at all times. It’s not a loud bossy voice telling us what to do but rather the simpler voice that tells us what we want and how to get it before we have a chance to let our ego interrupt it. Your Intuition is always with you and capable of answering any question you can throw it’s way. It may show up as a “gut feeling”, a sudden idea or knowing, or simply light you up with joy when you dream of what could be. It treats you with love & kindness, creates peace in your heart & gently points out the ways in which you can feel your happiest. It’s only purpose is to guide you in this life. When we start to build the Heartwall this guidance starts to feel like we’ve put it behind a barrier and it can be harder to tap into. This is by far one of the most important reasons for releasing the Trapped Emotions creating your Heartwall.

One of the ways you can start to strengthen your connection to your Heart Chakra is to begin to tap into it between 11am-1pm which is when it’s operating at it’s highest point of energy. Chinese Medicine has honored the Energy Clock of the Body for centuries which is a dial that tells you when your organs and hence your chakras are at their highest capacity during the day. The Heart is it’s most powerful between 11am-1pm so it’s a prime window of time to really dig in and visualize what you want from your life while listening to what feedback and guidance your Heart can give you in return. Almost like if you put a booster on your Chakra during that time. The more you practice tuning in the clearer this channel of information is going to become.

Once you are able to start hearing your own guidance your 3rd Chakra the Solar Plexus which governs your Power & Self Esteem will rise to meet the guidance by providing you the Will Power and ability to set clear Boundaries that move you in that direction. In particular, the Small Intestine which is governed by the Solar Plexus will automatically begin to support the Heart Chakra by helping you to identify where you need to set clearer boundaries either with yourself or others. The Small Intestine is a physical boundary in your body as well as an energetic boundary. When it’s functioning properly it determines what is nutrients and what is garbage in both your physical body & energetic field. Therefor it’s point of highest energy is directly after the Heart at 1pm-3pm. Think of it as your Heart needs to receive guidance first (11am-1pm) and then your Solar Plexus needs to determine the most powerful way for you to achieve that guidance (1pm-3pm.) If both are operating fully then you will be able to easily “hear” your intuition and act on it in a way that is healthy.

I’ve found these to be some of the most effective ways to help promote a strong Heart Chakra:

  1. If you have a Heartwall (p.s. 93% of the world DOES) then schedule some sessions to get it released ASAP. Having the energetic barrier out of the way will increase your ability to hear your intuition exponentially.
  2. Create a Habit of tapping into your intuition any time you need guidance. Create a silence in your mind and “listen” for it to respond. This could be with a feeling, words, knowing or a sign. Then practice trusting this guidance. Consider it to be a muscle that has to be used in order to be strengthened.
  3. Practice visualizing your dreams between 11am-1pm. This could be dreams you are already aware of, ways to accomplish them (again listen), or it could be downloading guidance about what you truly want. A lot of times we’ve spent so much energy not listening that we don’t actually know what we want at a soul level.
  4. TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. Get a feeling in the pit of your stomach? Or just “Know” something at a subconscious level? Learn to trust your heart and what it’s telling you. Don’t let your ego run the show anymore. Let it be backup and that’s all.
  5. Practice Self Compassion. No one deserves your love more than you. Be kind to yourself. You are only ever doing the best you can with the knowledge you have. Beating yourself up over not having “Arrived” or being better at this work will only hurt you. The brain is actually capable of healing pain & trauma in itself when we focus on Self Compassion. Just think of that, your ability to love yourself and cheer yourself on is enough for your brain to physically repair itself. You are powerful.
  6. Listen to 528hz Frequency Music. This is the frequency of the heart in it’s balanced state. Listening to music of the same frequency will affect your physical & energetic body by repairing any damage that has occurred and helping it get back to it’s natural state of perfection. 

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