6 Way to Release Trapped Emotions

Oct 02, 2020

If you’ve done any type of Energy Work you’ve more than likely run across the concept of past trauma & experiences creating blocks or illness in your present life. But how exactly does this work? How does something you aren’t even thinking about create trouble for you today?


Imagine for example that when you were young there was a moment where you felt like you really needed something that only someone else could provide for you, for instance food or comfort, but because your parents didn’t notice this or didn’t provide it you felt “ashamed” for needing it in the first place. Now, your parents may have just been busy or chose not to give you what you needed but if you didn’t fully process the feeling of being “ashamed” and instead pushed it aside it could  become trapped in your energetic body. As a result of trapping it, the emotion of “Shame” and the low frequency it has are now ringing in your body until you process it.

Say you don’t ever process the emotion because you aren’t really aware that it exists in the first place, from that day on you create a type of magnetic distortion in your energy that will attract you to experience more “Shame” for the rest of your life because it’s already in your body. When an emotion is already in your body unprocessed it also creates an emotional response that makes it easier to feel that emotion from the start.

So you’ve carried this emotion of “Shame” around since you were little and what your subconscious has determined from that small event is that “It’s not OK to ask for what I need & when I ask I should feel ashamed.” See where this is going? In your Adult life this may show up as poor self care, relationships where you aren’t getting what you need, allowing other’s needs to come first etc. Moments where you should be able to step back and say “You know what, I really would love to help but I’m tired and need to get some rest” or “I would actually like to do X instead of Y” will be more difficult for you to navigate.  Since you trapped that first emotion of “Shame” you will unknowingly be trapping other emotions to confirm your story of “It’s not right for me to get what I need.”

These other emotions can run the gamut of “Self Abuse,” “Creative Insecurity,” “Frustration” etc. You will know you should take care of yourself but every time you try  it will trigger all of these Trapped Emotions making you feel all over again why you determined it wasn’t safe to do so in the first place.



So what’s the difference when it comes to Big Traumas? Say with Death, Abuse or Moments that change how you see Life? Truthfully, to your body, not much. Trauma is Trauma whether with a big “T” or little “T.” The bigger Traumas do typically have a lot of intense emotion around them and typically more than one Trapped Emotion will occur but on a physiological level whether a Trauma is big or small your body is still being soaked in a chemical bath every time you re-experience the emotions that trigger you to re-live past traumas or negative experiences. This is why it can be so hard to move on or change the way you feel about something. Because your body is physically re-living it every time it is triggered and this in turn triggers your subconscious to do what is necessary to protect you from feeling that pain again.

Which means, you will avoid doing activities or making choices that trigger these emotions. You could develop pain or illness in the area of the body these emotions are stored. You could miss out on feeling happy or connected or really enjoying your life because the unprocessed emotions are getting in the way. You could block yourself from going after your dreams. You could develop fears and phobias, depression or anxiety.



Some emotions you will find process easier than others with certain modalities & some require a combination of them depending on how tightly your subconscious is clinging to it. You may also have a sudden “idea” of a way to release something triggering you… follow it! We are all unique so you may find that jumping on a trampoline or sitting in your car or taking yourself out to a nice lunch alone helps you move these emotions out of your body. Follow your intuition. There is no wrong answer and your gut won’t lead you astray. And don’t be discouraged if some take longer to process than others. Some are just stronger so they take a bit more effort.

These are our Top Ways to Process Trapped Emotions:

  1. Energy Work- Whether you do the Emotion Code, Reiki, Sound Healing, EFT or any other Modality, Energy Work can expedite healing by targeting the exact area that the emotion is trapped in and help you process it faster and restore your energy back to balance.
  2. Exercise- This one can be so overlooked! This is a great way to physically and mentally process past trauma and feel good too! The best way I’ve found to use this is to consciously be aware of what you want to process while you are exercising. You may feel shortness of breath or the emotion may start to rise up, keep going while your body is processing. This is not about punishing your body so walking may have the same affect as running or swimming or biking. Listen to your gut and be gentle with yourself while processing.
  3. Journaling- I know, everyone says journaling. Blah-Blah-Blah! Let me suggest a different take on journaling. Sit and think of what fear or concern you are trying to work on and start journaling around what emotions you feel when you think of it. Note any similar situations that also come to mind as they are supporting events that confirm to your subconscious why you feel that way. Awareness is half the battle. One other tip that helps me is to listen to music while I write. It keeps your Conscious Mind occupied so your Subconscious has a chance to speak.
  4. Prayer & Meditation- Either or both of these are incredible for creating new plasticity in your Brain so that you can begin to re-shape the way you used to perceive things. It helps create new pathways for change to take place & it calms your Nervous System. So if you have been living in a Stress State it will give your body a break and help it re-center.
  5. Face a Fear- It doesn’t have to be THE FEAR holding you back. Pick any fear, or something you are afraid of doing that is relatively small in the scheme of things. I’m afraid of ladders, not because of heights, but because I’m afraid of falling (symbolic much??) So anytime there is a ladder and I feel my feet start to get shaky I commit to climbing it. It’s not always easy but I always feel better after I’ve done it. DO something that makes you shaky and it will help your Subconscious realizes you can be afraid and still survive.
  6. Music at 428Hz- This is one of the most enjoyable ways to help process emotions. 428Hz helps you rebalance your cells and calm your system. It’s a great frequency to meditate with or if you are feeling sick it’s a great way to raise your frequency & help your cells start to heal. Bring up a situation you are working through and while listening to the music either meditate or pray or try to walk yourself through it and see what comes up. This also helps your Subconscious feel safe enough to really process past trauma.

Hopefully this helps you understand why it can be so hard to move past old events & how you can actively release the old traumas. I would love for you to comment on ways you find that help you release emotions too in case someone needs your ideas! And of course feel free to comment if you have any questions or need more resources or support!

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