Manifesting Your Dreams

Oct 03, 2020

Do you know that feeling when you know some of what you do want, a lot of what you don’t want & yet you still can’t really define what it is you are after? You know you want a career that fuels you, you want to be paid well & you want to work with people you enjoy… but… you still have no idea what that actually looks like?? So Frustrating!

Knowing what we DON’T want is great but it doesn’t really answer that nagging question of “what should I work towards.” It basically just leaves us with empty space and not a lot of guidance on what to create. You can say you don’t want a job that requires you to work overtime but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happy working a normal 9-5 job either. It could mean that you actually want to start a non-profit to meet your dreams of helping in the world in a very feet on the ground type of way which is vastly different than settling for a 9-5 hourly job! Those extra hours you put in at your non-profit could be some of the most rewarding hours of your life!

So how do we get super, duper, crystal clear about what it is that we are actually looking for? And not just in a generic  “I want lots of money & time” type of way.

#1 : Remember What Brings You Joy

Do you remember when you were young or even a teenager and you used to love certain things so much you would get lost in them for hours? For me it was reading, being outside, make believe & swimming. Those were my highlights, they still bring back all the feel good memories & make me think of summer days spent by the pool with my best friends. As an adult, those small moments that brought me joy got few and far between. I have a very easy tendency to commit all my waking hours to work and have historically missed out on the fun times I could have had. For me, really manifesting a life that resonates with my soul is about making sure that my Family Life, Work Life & Personal Life all reflect back to those really great feelings of being Unburdened, In the Moment & Connected to the People I Love. That’s my basis. That’s how I know when I get off track. Whenever I’m doing things that aren’t connecting with that very simple place of Joy then I know something is out of alignment. You can’t manifest what you want from a place of mis-alignment.

So take some time and remember the moments when you felt truly happy and try to connect with what you were feeling. Connecting to what you were feeling will help you really tune in to what you are looking for in all areas of your life. It will help you determine if you are making decisions from a place of authenticity in you. When you can really tune into that place of joy then you can start to manifest with ease & speed.


#2: What is Affecting Your Joy

Now that you’ve taken some time to figure out what it is you are looking to feel, take a look at the ways in which your life is conflicting with that. Using me as an example…. you aren’t having a lot of free spirited joyous moments when you are stuck in the “Self Abuse/Overwork” cycle because you believe if you stop for a minute the world will catch fire and people will starve and Armageddon will begin. Maybe a bit dramatic…. but the fervor I would work myself into at that period in my life was one that DENIED any fun or rest. It was a combination of a terrible Mindset, Emotional Blocks, Family History & straight up fear that if I slowed down I would fail. Don’t be me. Let me save you from that path… but if you have found yourself down this path whether its one step or a thousand there’s hope.

Really be brutally honest with yourself about what is making you feel joy and what is raining on your parade. Acknowledging it doesn’t mean you have to make swift and drastic changes today so tell your ego to sit down. It will automatically try to block you from really being truthful about how sucky some stuff is. Get real with it. If you don’t honestly look at the not so great, broken pieces then you can’t ever create something better. If the job, the marriage, the past, the kids or even the dog are wrecking your joy admit it. Admit it and then start looking at your part in creating it and what you would rather it be. If you can truthfully identify what sucks then you can fix it.


#3: What Blocks are Getting in Your Way

So you set out to really answer the top 2 Questions and everything in you is begging for clarity on what makes you feel Happy… but you still have no freaking clue! This is where your Emotional Blocks & Trauma come into play. Think of them as your guard dogs. Authentic You already knows everything it wants in this life and is ready to have it but the subconscious mind is still afraid. It has too much fear wrapped around going after what you want because the stakes are high it believes, if it fails! What your Soul really wants out of this life is guarded by the subconscious and only comes out to play when IT feels safe. Your trapped emotions, family history, past success & failures are all jammed in there trying to help you make a SAFE decision. They are trying to protect you from being let down and when that story of safety is playing louder than your story of greatness it can be overwhelming to know what to do.

The fear you feel when you think of not getting something you truly want is real to your body. Those trapped emotions are always confirming why you shouldn’t do something, why you should be afraid, why you aren’t good enough. The truth though, is that you’ve already lived your worst fear. Every single terrible scenario you imagine happening calling those dreams in is based on past missteps or learned failure and your body chemically experiences that fear like its real every time those trapped emotions get triggered.  Whew! So basically, you’ve already lived your worst fear and you SURVIVED.

Releasing these blocks with the Emotion Code is a great way to release the triggers and get that fear out of your body so you can easily chose new responses and get greater clarity. If you can greater Clarity then you can get to the point much quicker. Instead of spending years working in a job that sucks the life out of you, you realize you always wanted to Captain a boat, start a Dog Grooming Business or Write that Book. Clarity helps you stand fast in what you want, even when the winds are trying to blow you down. Clarity allows you to see that there really only ever was 1 option… the option that would always bring you the most joy. It just needed uncovered so you could see it clearly.

Want to dig more? Schedule a Session to break down and release the Trapped Emotions Keeping you from Clarity!



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