Manifesting with Your Emotions: Feeling is a Superpower!

Oct 03, 2020

Did You Know Your Ability to FEEL is Directly Related to Your Ability to Manifest

Burned Out, Overwhelmed & Numbed Out are the ultimate killer of your ability to Manifest or Create anything you want in this life. Unfortunately, they are also very common feelings for most people. So what leads to this intense state of the Manifesting Kill Zone?

By now you are familiar with Trapped Emotions and the blocks they cause so let me give you a bit more info on how they contribute to stopping you from Abundance.

Time for the Frequency Talk

Our subtle bodies are designed optimally to operate at 528Hz. This is the frequency of the Heart and when we are in that frequency we are reacting to life from a place of Love. We aren’t bogged down by emotional baggage or fears. We can still be fully aware of those areas of weakness but they aren’t making decisions for us. We are making decisions based on what truly “feels good” to our soul. This is the magical crux of Manifesting. It’s hard to manifest with ease when your frequency is below this range or even in the 200-300’s because your subconscious is running off of old emotional blocks in that range, not the dreams it has for the future.

Another way to look at it is that Negative Emotions have LOW frequencies by design to alert your body when something isn’t right. That way you can correct the situation and move on to higher frequency feelings like Love and Peace. When it’s Inherited or Unidentified it can be difficult to process because you don’t know what you’re looking for and it will create this energetic drain on your frequency. If you have SHAME trapped in your body at 20Hz it’s going to be constantly pulling your Frequency down and making it hard for you to get into that 528Hz state of Love.

Feeling the Good

Once you begin to release the trapped emotional blocks your body will naturally start to re-acclimate to a higher frequency for a couple of reasons. Your natural state is Love, so the 528Hz is basically “home” for your subtle body. Without the negative emotions constantly pulling it down it will be easier to remain in the higher frequencies.  Now that your body is high vibin’ you can truly tap into those rich feelings of Love, Hope, Joy, Excitement… the states where you can begin to explore all the possibilities for your future. This is where you are capable of creating that magic that allows you to manifest.

In order to fully tap into your manifesting abilities you have to be able to get to this state in order to FEEL what it will feel like to create the things you want. This is what Visualization is truly all about. Feeling is the Superpower. This is the moment where you begin to actively call forward what you want. I will give you a little tip too, if you can maintain those feelings for 16 SECONDS you can activate your dreams much quicker. If you can maintain that feeling for 68 SECONDS then things really start to shift from the metaphysical world to the physical world. Really commit to doing this several times a day! The more time you can commit to creating this strong Frequency base in your subtle body and combine it with the FEELING part of Visualization then the faster you will notice changes in your mood, the opportunities that come up, the resources available & shifts in your outlook on life!

Manifest Away Friends!



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