How Emotions Create or Block Abundance

Oct 03, 2020

Abundance is such a hot topic, and for obvious reasons. We all want to have more ease, more resources to work with & the fun of being able to have new experiences! Inevitably when you are working on up-leveling your Manifesting Game, you run into some roadblocks with your beliefs. 

This is where REALLY knowing what is blocking you comes in handy. Muscle Testing can be used for many things but working with Abundance is one of the most exciting….because our blocks are rarely what we think they are! We can have Money blocks stopping us in several way: Generational (Family History), Trauma (Spiritual or Emotional), or Personal Vows & Beliefs. Let’s break those down:


These are Money Blocks that come to us because of the Family we are born into. They can passed down in our DNA as Inherited Trapped Emotions (i.e. Failure, Unworthy etc) or they can be from experiences we witnessed growing up. If for instance your parent’s never followed their dream because they were afraid of what other’s would say, you could very early in life interpret that to be a way to stay safe and follow suit OR go in the exact opposite direction by following every whim you have in an effort to not be like your family. Generational blocks are begging to be healed. They show up repetitively in the hope that someone will heal it and release it so the cycle can end.


These are Money Blocks that begin because we experience some type of traumatic event that changes how we respond to Money from a place of Self Protection. The traumatic event could be large or minor but create Trapped Emotions that cause us to re-write our Money Vows according to what we believe to be true since the event took place. These events can be as minor as an employer forgot to pay you for overtime and you were afraid to ask, to as dramatic as you lost your home to foreclosure. Small moments can affect us as greatly as large ones. With these type of blocks you know you “used to” be successful and life “used to be easier” but you can’t figure out how to get back there.



These are the blocks that can be the trickiest to see without Muscle Testing. They are the ones that you brought over to be healed but have been with you since birth so you aren’t fully aware of “what” is blocking you. You can feel “something” stopping you but you literally have no idea what it is. These are extremely frustrating because no matter how much work you do on Abundance you literally can feel like it’s not making any difference in your life. If you can’t see it, you can’t heal it.


The problem with most information on Abundance is that it treats us as “accumulators” instead of the Creators that we actually are.

We aren’t really looking to accumulate a lot of things. We are actually looking to create experiences that will make us a FEEL a certain way. We want the big house because it will feel good to have room for an office, we want to host meals for the people we love, we want space to stretch out, we want to experience what living in a big house actually FEELS like. Or we want a particular car because we want to feel safe while driving or the freedom that car makes us feel. We are really just looking to create experiences that let us feel the full breadth of being alive. That’s what we are truly looking to manifest. Most of us have so many Emotions we have buried in order to not feel them that we’ve unknowingly blocked out the good ones too. We aren’t feeling the Good Emotions with the intensity that is necessary to create more joyful and meaningful experiences in our life.

This is why having emotions trapped is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating what you want in life without the resistance and self doubt. We have become dogs chasing our tails… we have unprocessed Emotions we are repressing in order to NOT FEEL them and the consequence is that we aren’t feeling the Great, Magical, Amazing Emotions either! You can’t truly call new and beautiful experiences into your life with ease if you can’t feel the joy you will have once you get it, beforehand.

It’s time to face the Emotions that have either been passed down or created during your life. Being able to identify your biggest Money Blocks with muscle testing will let you know whether it’s Generational, Trauma or Karmic related and which Emotions and events are specifically stopping you. You can’t create outside of your own belief system. If you believe that money is earned thru hard work & struggle (guilty!) then you will be drawn towards work that makes you work hard & really struggle to get the reward. You might have large rewards, but they won’t be easy or enjoyable because your Trapped Emotions are always looking to confirm the Struggle Belief they are helping you re-inforce. Your subconscious only ever means it as a form of self protection but in order to really win those victories your soul is looking for, you have to be able to release these emotions forming the blocks in order to get back to who you really are and what you are capable of.

Money Blocks are easiest to heal when you can trace the root back to the source (Generational, Trauma or Karmic) and then muscle test if the reason you are holding onto it is because you need to Release something (Competition, Fear etc), or be Open to Receiving (accepting assistance), or if it’s because some part of you feels Unsafe with the goals you have set. Once that is identified, it’s just a matter of muscle testing for Trapped Emotions that are keeping that belief stuck in place. These emotions can be layered around several events or beliefs and can take several times to fine tune and release all the contributing layers.

Each Trapped Emotion is just a moment where you tried to confirm your particular belief about Money by not processing a feeling completely. We aren’t taught Emotional Intelligence as children as a general rule, but we are taught how to “be quiet” or “deal with it” which teaches us instead to bury our feelings creating these deep blocks. Emotions are not inherently “bad.” Take Low Self Esteem or Insecurity for instance, they are not confirming you have a low value when you feel them, they are actually letting you know that you are doubting yourself and selling yourself short. They are reminders of how VALUABLE you actually are. But if you don’t feel those emotions for what they are then you might take that to mean that you don’t deserve to be paid as much as others or deserve the recognition or praise. This is how your emotional blocks get written. By releasing these blocks that script of “I’m not good enough” will stop playing in your subconscious every time we try to take a step forward with Money and you will be able to re-write how you receive and deserve Money.


To be able to manifest the things that bring you joy, you have to be able to let go of the old pain. It is not energetically possible to hold onto pain that tells us we don’t deserve something and the belief that we do. You have to chose. Do you let go? Or do you hold on? If you chose to let go, know that you can still be in the middle of processing this pain and show up and do the work and make progress. The pain you will feel is not from the present. It’s the pain you never allowed yourself to feel from your past. Be brave. Show up and feel what needs healed, and then aim for your Dream. Trying and not getting what you want the first go is not failure, that’s called Courage. Be willing to dig into that pain in order to release it. Honor what you felt. Those feelings are real and deserved to be witnessed. You deserve to be witnessed.

The best part about the work that I do  is that we can get to the root of where the issue is coming from, what is triggering it and what part of you (Mind, Body, Soul) is preventing you from Abundance because it doesn’t feel completely safe. Actual evidence of what stops you and why is worth everything. If you know what is blocking you then you can recognize it as it shows up and change your response to it. Removing those contributing emotions that are keeping you stuck is one of the easiest ways to work thru these blocks in order to write a new story about Abundance.

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