Creating an Abundance Mindset: Identify the Patterns Blocking You

Oct 03, 2020

Abundance Mindset

Most of the time when we hear people speaking about Emotional Blocks in relation to Abundance or Wealth we get a super vague sense of what the issues could be. Yeah, our family wasn’t the perfect model of Wealth & Success but there’s only so much digging into your family history & journaling you can do before you go “WTF!” You really need solid answers and absolute direction in order to really untangle your Money Story. Not a half baked plan for vision boarding your way to greatness… no offense Vision Boards… you are a tool but not true healing.

3 Major Blocks

 If you’ve read my other post on  EMOTIONS & BLOCKS then you are familiar with the 3 Main Types of Abundance Blocks we can identify with Muscle Testing: Generational, Trauma & Karmic. Think of these as the foundation of your Abundance Mindset. You may have all 3 contributing to your current State of Abundance but there will always be one major one that is guiding your ship. And that’s the one you need to rebuild first. Identifying that your Money Blocks are Karmic (like me!) means that you can now stop putting all of your attention onto what your family history is and really dig in feet first to the specific blocks that are bogging you down the most.

For Karmic blocks, these can be ones that you have chosen to heal in this life, situations asking to be healed from past lives, or fears you never fully resolved. These are blocks that energetically are part of who you are and what you came here to heal. Think of it this way, Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed and Time is not really linear. So carrying over Karmic wounds is your way of healing your own Energy across all lives. Anytime you feel powerless to make a change, think of that!

For Generational Blocks, you may be the only person in your family who has ever been strong enough to heal these wounds. They just keep getting passed down generation after generation in an effort for someone to finally be strong enough to feel them and heal them. Your purpose with Money in this manner is one that benefits everyone in your family line.

For Trauma Blocks, these can happen at any point in our life. We can have very little Emotional Blocks against Abundance but then something happens causing us to create a new fear (hello unprocessed emotions!) Going back to me as an example, after the PTSD the trauma of that situation created a new fear of “I’m not Safe.” It was the feeling that I could work hard but something terrible would happen and that things didn’t come as easy or enjoyable anymore. Once I identified that, things really started to change in my business and fear level. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night with some random terror, I can now sleep through the night & the feeling of being powerless has left. Any type of Trauma big or small… and when I say small I mean that time someone made fun of your coloring in first grade… that can effect your ability to create Abundance and have Faith in yourself. These are a bit sneaky to really identify without Muscle Testing but they contribute in a huge way to your confidence, happiness & power.

Identify, Release & Then What

Now that we’ve identified the Source of your block and released the underlying emotions what do you do?

It’s Action time now. Releasing the Trapped Emotions will release the trigger you feel in your body that makes you afraid or in pain or unworthy but you have to take real action. You’ve spent a lot of time nurturing these wounds and protecting them from the light of day. Physiologically your brain has created pathways to make your old responses a knee jerk response for you so it’s going to take attention to build new responses. For instance, say you have a major Generational Emotion of “Unworthy” you are trying to re-write. You will start to look for all the ways you are constantly confirming you aren’t Worthy. Maybe you work at a job and got passed over for a promotion and that triggered your “Unworthiness”, you will need to look at that situation from this new light.

You will begin to ask better questions. Your new thoughts could be “Did I not stand up for myself because I felt like it was useless?”,  “Did I avoid taking the training I needed for the promotion because my subconscious didn’t want me to be Valuable?” Remember, when you have a Trapped Emotion your subconscious is always on the prowl for ways to confirm that Emotion is valid. When you start re-writing that you have to be aware of all the major and minors ways it has played out in the past and ACTIVELY choose a new response.

As a last note on Releasing these energetic blocks, muscle testing & releasing will always point us to what is READY to be healed and what your subconscious feels SAFE to heal. These blocks and energetic wounds can show up in multiple layers and in many different ways. We could specifically work on your money blocks and 2 days later you could get sick from a sore throat. That’s your body’s way of saying it’s safe now to deal with other areas of weakness such as your throat which is your ability to speak your truth and ask for what you need. Really tune in to what your body is saying and pay attention to the signs it’s giving you. Healing one area can many times heal other areas as well.

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