10 Ways to Improve Your Frequency & Raise Your Vibration

Oct 02, 2020

Why Do Frequencies Matter?

One day we’re talking about Emotions and the next we make a quick turn to Frequencies…. Are you confused yet? The good news is that they go Hand in Hand and being aware of how they work together can help you understand why you feel crappy when you have negative emotions & how to quickly change things into a better feeling state.

Let’s jump right in! You have probably heard the saying “Everything is Energy” and are kind of like “Yeah, Yeah, Tesla, Einstein & all that Sciency Stuff.” But did you know that your Body, being the amazing being that it is, has a specific Frequency it vibrates at to maintain it’s optimal health? That range is between 62-68MHz. If your Frequency drops below that you start to get ill.

So how do Emotions affect this balance of Frequency in your Body?

Well interestingly enough, each Emotion has its own specific Frequency. So for instance, when you experience Shame (20MHz) you are lowering your body’s naturally higher vibration in order to experience that Emotion. Couple that with trapping an emotion and you can see how it can lead to a constant state of low energetic distortion in your body, organs and energy field.

Now each emotion whether we term it “Negative” or “Positive” has it’s own Frequency so good feeling “Positive” Emotions have higher Frequencies, for instance, Love has a Frequency of 300MHz … you can see where this is going. While “Negative” Emotions are very helpful as guideposts on what is not working for us in life the key is to process them and let them go. We don’t want to keep calling them up and reliving them because we are literally lowering our physical Frequency while doing it.


So what about our Subtle/Energetic Body?

The really interesting thing about Frequencies and the Subtle Body is that through muscle testing I’ve found that you can find out where your Energetic Body lies on it’s own Frequency Chart. Back in Ancient Times they used a musical scale called the Solfeggio Scale that was based on 432Hz. It was used for Gregorian Chants and all music during that period of time BECAUSE it had an affect on the Spiritual Body. It was used as a tool to help Manifest, Heal & Connect with the Divine. The scale consists of the basic musical notes Fa-So-La-Ti-Do and consists of 6 frequencies that all aid in creating change, healing old traumas, manifesting, solutions, miracles & spiritual awakening.

The reason these frequencies affect us is because they directly correspond to our chakras and cleaning them out and activating their potential. There are a lot of ways to actually increase your frequency depending on what you are working on in your life and through muscle testing we can see exactly what frequency your energetic body is operating at.

Say for instance, you are working on healing a relationship. You would want to be in the 639Hz range because this is where you are enabled to easily work on creating harmonious relationships & communication is enhanced. Assume though, that your frequency is only at 375Hz… what do you do? Luckily there are very easy ways to raise your frequency and there are a few mentioned here. Everything from food, essential oils, music & even rest can help you increase your frequency to get into that range. If you don’t get in that range, you can still create change in that relationship it just won’t be as easy because you aren’t technically “in the flow.”


So let me share my Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Frequency

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