How to Process Heavy Emotions: A Toolbox for Healing

Oct 04, 2020

There are going to be days that you just can’t get yourself moving. You feel exhausted physically & emotionally. You’re tired of working through things, you’re tired of healing, you just want to lay in bed or quit altogether. No matter how much healing you do these days are bound to happen. 

First thing you want to do when you feel this happening is check in with your body on a few key things:

  1. Are you breathing? Can you breathe deeper? Breathing for 4 counts in and 4 counts out is a natural flow for your body and focusing on this will help you to balance your organs and allow them to receive the oxygen they need to help you process what you are feeling. 
  2. Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings? Shoulders don’t belong up at your ears so check in to see if they have risen like the great Flood and gently bring them back down. Our shoulders carry our burdens in life so scan them with your eyes closed to see what burdens come to mind and breathe through them with the intention of releasing them.
  3. Are you clenching your Jaw? Is your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth? We carry a lot  of fear in our face when we clench. Emotionally we are trying to protect ourselves so clenching is a way we unknowingly try to hide what our face is really feeling. Release all the muscles in your jaw, forehead and cheeks.
  4. If you need to cry at this point, let it happen. Our tears hold stress hormones so allowing yourself to cry will help your body naturally release those chemicals bring your stress levels down rapidly. 
  5. Breathe. You’ve probably already forgotten this part because you tapped into what’s stressing you so remember to breathe again.
  6. Look at what is stressing you. Is it an old pattern, fear, person or event? You already know the emotion you associate with it but dig a bit deeper. Frustration might be your initial response but if you keep looking at the feelings you might notice it’s only masking a much bigger wound of Panic or Heartache. Start to look for the true source of your emotions.
  7. Self Compassion. We all want to be healed, to never have to deal with our wounds again but there will be times they will re-surface from a deeper layer or new area that needs growth. Learn to be ok with that. Practice as much Self Compassion and Love as you possibly can. We are here to heal wounds but we are also here to have fun, to love, to feel excitement, to enjoy life. Maybe your emotional body stirred this up so you could look objectively at what you aren’t giving yourself. Maybe you need a break. A day off to shop, to play, to explore or just sleep. Be ok with that. No one can stay on the healing hamster wheel all the time. If you heal every wound but never enjoy life then you miss the point. Balance your work with your play in all areas of your life.
  8. And Breathe. Keep tuning into that. 

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