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Maternal Trauma

Healing #1


In this section we identity & clear:

1.  The Mother Wound of Your Maternal Lineage which is the wound that has been handed down from mother to child. This is usually the trauma that shows up in how we were mothered, how nurtured & loved we felt & if we felt understood and connected to our mother.


2. The Inherited Trauma that makes you feel you aren't Loved Unconditionally or Enough as You are. 

It usually stems from the trauma of not having an emotionally present mother & feelings of abandonment, betrayal & feeling unworthiness.

Paternal Trauma

Healing #2


In this section we identify & clear:

1. The Father Wound of Your Paternal Lineage which is the wound that has been handed down from father to child. This is typically the trauma of how unsafe or unprotected you felt by your own father & how it directly impacted your sense of safety in the world.

2. The Inherited Trauma that makes you feel Disempowered & Unable to Move Forward in Life. 

This typically stems from where your father failed to empower you to feel confident to be in control of your own life. 

Survival Mode

Healing #3

This is where your ancestral patterns of trauma are keeping you stuck in Survival Mode & triggering your Nervous System.

In this section we identify & clear:

1. The Ancestral Trauma that Impacts You Most

This is the trauma that most frequently triggers or keeps you in Survival Mode.


2. The State of Survival Mode Clearing

This is where we identify what "state" of survival you most frequently are activated in & the Inherited Trauma that keeps you there.





  • The major Mother Wound You Inherited from Your Maternal Lineage
  • The Maternal¬†Trauma making you feel Unloved &¬†not Enough as You are
  • The major Father Wound You Inherited from your Paternal Lineage
  • The Paternal Trauma Disempowering You & Keeping You fro Moving Forward in Life
  • The Ancestral Trauma Impacting You the Most
  • Identify the¬†Pattern of Survival Mode you are stuck in & Where it Originated
  • Clearing the Nervous System of the Inherited Trauma Keeping You in Survival Mode
  • Identify How in Balance Your Nervous System is before & after the Clearing

Each Session is muscle tested & cleared using the Emotion Code Modality. That means that as we clear these inherited emotions, they will clear from everyone up your lineage that also inherited them.



I'm an Energy Healer and Intuitive.

I started this journey because of my own healing and struggle with PTSD. 

When I started on this path, it was so important to me that the healing get to the root of what I was feeling and had been holding onto for so long. I didn't want just a band-aid to cover things up but true healing that helped me feel whole again.

I wanted to be supported and healed Mind, Body & Spirit that way it was lasting.

That's how I came into Energy Work. It takes into account ALL of you, not just a part of you and helps you find harmony within yourself.

To me, that was life changing.

"“I was first drawn to the Emotion Code with Aspen 3 years ago.  I was not feeling very well at all but mostly feeling stuck and depressed not knowing how to move forward at age 60. I remember asking myself “Is this as good as it gets?”

 In just that first session I experienced such a sense of relief in my physical and mental wellbeing that I immediately set up more sessions.

Sheryl M.

"Let me just say with the biggest and loudest- THANK YOU! You helped me create the next part of my life.

And I mean is there a thank you that is fitting for this? I don't know."

Allison R. 



If you've tried other approaches and can't seem to get to the root of what is holding you back then this is for you. 

This is different from other Generational Healing work because we get the opportunity to see EXACTLY what your holding onto that has been inherited from your ancestors.

It requires you to be open and present with any feelings that may come up but you never have to share beyond what feels safe for you to do so. 

That's the beauty of this modality, you can receive healing without knowing your ancestor's stories.



If you are new to Energy Healing or Intuitive Coaching, I am always happy to answer any additional questions via email: [email protected]