What You Get Each Month... 

 * A Monthly Email Session (as pictured) emailed to you at the end of each month to identify what is putting you in Survival Mode for that month

* We identify the exact Belief or Feeling Keeping You Stuck in Survival Mode in real time

*You will know the way it is Triggering Your Nervous System (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Collapse) so you are better able to support yourself & handle it

*Identify & Clear the 10 Trapped Emotions keeping you stuck in Survival Mode through muscle testing

* An Affirmation that is individually muscle tested for you that you can use to support your body getting out of Survival Mode & that also lets you know what to focus on to shift that state in your nervous system


Each Session is muscle tested & cleared using the Emotion Code Modality. That means that as we clear these emotions, you will no longer carry them which helps your body get out of survival mode & releases triggers. 

Need more info? Check the link at the bottom for a video explaining the modality!


The Details...


What to Expect When You Sign Up:

* Each month for 12 months you will receive a Monthly Email Clearing that Identifies the Area or Belief in your Life that is keeping you stuck in Survival Mode.

* The Sessions will begin  on the 4th Thursday of the month remotely (except for Nov & Dec which will be the 3rd Thursday)

* You don't have to be present because these are email sessions & you don't have to remember anything! They will be completed each month and emailed to you automatically.

* The emotions holding that belief or pattern in place will be cleared using the Emotion Code Modality.

* We will identify which pattern of survival this belief or area is triggering (Fight, Flight, Freeze or Collapse)

* Each month will be a new report, new muscle testing & new clearing.

* The cost is $240 for all 12 sessions and is not a renewing subscription, so you are only signing up for the 12 months of June 2024- May 2025.

* Once you sign up it is non-refundable or transferrable.



If you are new to Energy Healing, I am always happy to answer any additional questions via email: [email protected]